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To provide our customers with the highest quality plugins, we collaborate with top-tier FiveM modders and creators. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your server will be equipped with the best resources available.

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Get instant access to our FiveM scripts without any waiting times at the most affordable price. Our prices and FiveM plugins are even better than what you'll find on the FiveM forums!

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All of our products have been tested by our team and are of original quality. Simply unleash the best with new FiveM modding!

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ESX scripts βš™οΈ

We support the esx framework

qbCore scripts βš™οΈ

Our site has everything for qbcore

Maps/MLOs 🏘️

Houses, Villas, Gangs and more

Full Server Presets

Looking for Plug&Play servers?


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Latest FiveM scripts

Boost your FiveM server experience with our latest custom script offerings. With our top-notch FiveM scripting solutions, you can introduce unique content such as custom vehicles, skins, maps, and jobs into your RPG server, creating a more engaging and dynamic gameplay environment. Our website is your go-to resource for top-tier FiveM scripts, designed to elevate your server performance. Discover our diverse FiveM scripts collection today and take your server gaming to unparalleled heights.

βœ… We tested every download for functionality and stability.

Find new FiveM scripts your players will love

FiveM Mods is the best source for new mods, scripts, maps and full server templates for FiveM, a multiplayer modification for GTA V. We offer sale prices.

Welcome to our store where you can buy an extensive selection of mods, scripts, EUP, vehicles, maps, clothes, and launchers for GTA servers. We offer our products at highly competitive prices, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Our range of products is perfect for enhancing the quality of your FiveM server, and they are compatible with international, English, and EU servers across the globe.

The installation of FiveM mods is simple

  1. Download the resource you want to install
  2. Once you have downloaded the mod of your choice, extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder on your computer.
  3. Copy the extracted files to the “resources” folder in your FiveM installation directory.
  4. Edit the server.cfg of your server and add start modname to it

That’s it! You should now be able to play with your new FiveM mod (after a graceful server restart). If you encounter any issues, be sure to check the mod’s documentation or ask for help.

Top Reasons to Choose

  • As a trusted and verified FiveM partner, we offer a comprehensive selection of products to enhance your server.
  • Our goal is to provide the best FiveM servers with access to high-quality mods, scripts, and resources from top creators.
  • All of our products are compatible with your server and have been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance.
  • We support international, English, and EU servers around the world, and our dedicated support team is always available to assist you.
  • In addition, we offer a variety of frameworks, including ESX, VRP, QBCore, and others, all of which have clean, optimized, and open-source code.
  • Our downloads are one-time payments with no subscriptions or hidden fees.
  • Huge Discounts!
  • We are committed to providing fair prices and exceptional value to our customers.

Our team of experienced programmers, scripters, and mappers work diligently to provide the highest quality resources for your FiveM server. We offer a range of premium downloads that have been thoroughly tested and reviewed. Our mission is to deliver top-notch products and services to ensure the best possible experience for your server. Our marketplace is the best place to find a variety of high-quality downloads. In addition to premium offerings, we also provide installation services and full support to ensure your server is running smoothly. Don’t waste time sifting through low-quality resources in forums – trust our team to provide you with the best downloads and support available.

If you require assistance, our vendor team is always available to provide the best support experience possible. Our FiveM mods are optimized for use on roleplay and freeroam servers and are of premium quality. We carefully review all products before they are uploaded to our store to ensure their integrity and performance. Our products are never encrypted, so you can trust that you are getting the best quality resources for your server.

Improve your server and stand out from the competition by using our collection of high-quality mods, scripts, maps, and tools. Start enhancing your server today and see the difference for yourself.

What is FiveM?

FiveM is an addon for GTA V that allows playing multiplayer on dedicated customized servers. Each server has the possibility of adding new ingame content. FiveM became known for its roleplay twitch streamers.

All products offered here are tested and rated by our team. Best quality support is guaranteed – as this is or promise.

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Verified FiveM scripts – Our selection of verified FiveM scripts is the result of our partnerships with top creators in the community. We ensure that every mod is thoroughly tested before it is made available for purchase, so you can trust that you are getting only the best quality resources for your server.

Great 24/7 support – Our customer support is highly rated by users, who appreciate our dedication to resolving every issue to their satisfaction.

Open Source – Our store does not accept encrypted codes. All downloads are fully open source, allowing you to edit every line of code. This means you will never have to worry about locked downloads.


We are green!

We believe in taking action to protect the environment and support sustainable practices. We have set out specific goals and objectives to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute positively to the planet.

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Join Global Top Servers in Trusting Our Official FiveM Store

At first, we thought this site was not real; there are so many fivem leaks around the web; my experience has shown that you should not buy from fivem leaks I bought something and what can I say: my server is now better than others! Playing FiveM is now much more fun.
duleflexor07 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Another amazing resource for my players. Whenever there is a problem, there is a good support team available and they will help you to make it work. The stuff is optimized and very nice compared to others you may find on the forums by weird devs. Make Grand Theft Auto great again!
Koil (Mitchell Clout) from Nopixel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I am very new to working with custom FiveM stuff (before I was playing on DayZ servers), and even though it took me a bit to get everything set, the documentation was easy to follow. Got rather quick responses from the support team when I needed help, and everything is working like a charm now. Will certainly be purchasing more soon on this site.
Kevin M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is an amazing website for anyone looking for high-quality mods for their FiveM game. As a passionate gamer, I was always looking for ways to enhance my gameplay experience, and delivered in every way possible. The website has an extensive collection of FiveM mods that cover everything from graphics and sound enhancements to new cars and weapons. The mods are of the highest quality, and they are regularly updated to ensure that they work seamlessly with the latest version of the game.
Thomas ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Yes, all updates for products purchased on our store are free and included. You will receive an email notification when an update is available.

Our support team is available to assist you with any issues related to your purchase. We also have a ticket system (resolution center) that you can use to request support. If you are experiencing compatibility issues with your server or the purchased product does not work on your machine, we offer a refund policy for your protection.

Yes, our store is a legitimate source for FiveM downloads. We are a registered company and a partner of All downloads on our store are provided by verified sellers and are manually checked and verified by our quality expert team. If there are any issues with a product, we work to resolve them and they will not be available on our store. We also have a refund policy in place to ensure the safety and protection of our customers.

All downloads are one-time payments, not subscriptions like those offered on Tebex. We do not charge our customers multiple times for the same product.

There is no such thing as the best hosting. But: Zaphosting is enough for a start. As your project grows, switch to OVH.

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee is included in all purchases. Still not convinced? Try us!

If the purchased FiveM scripts do not work on your server and our support team can’t help you further, we provide a full refund or credits for our shop. Famous and popular FiveM servers trust on our services. We are proud to make servers even better and keep updating FiveM mods offering on our store. We have talked to a lot of customers and got rating and reviews of our store. We are official FiveM partner and over 10k servers trusted our FiveM modding service!

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