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Find the newest FiveM scripts is the #1 shop for mods, scripts, maps and full template servers for FiveM, a multiplayer modification for GTA V.

We provide everything for your FiveM server! Our store offers mods, scripts, EUP, vehicles, maps, clothes and launchers for GTA servers (for a very cheap price). We support a lot of international, english and EU servers around the world to improve the quality of their servers. We provide full quality 24/7 support and offer the best sale prices for all FiveM mods.

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We work with the best fivem modders and creators to ensure the best quality possible. Just to improve the quality of your server!

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  • is a trusted and verified FiveM forum partner and offers everything for your server.
  • Our mission: We want the best FiveM servers to find and pick the best mods, scripts and products for the game.
  • We only pick the best items from our best creators.
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  • We support international, English and EU servers around the world to improve the gameplay. Our support is always there for you. Promised!
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Our team of programmers, scripters and mappers work daily to ensure the best quality for your fivem server.
Our site offers the best FiveM marketplace you can find. We offer only premium-quality downloads that we checked! Our mission is to deliver the best quality for your server! Check out our downloads here! There are many free scripts available in forums, but we offer only the best ones. There are many free downloads available in forums, but we offer only the best ones. We also offer installation service & full service support!

If you need help, our vendors are always available for best support experience. All our FiveM mods are optimized for roleplay and freeroam servers. We guarantee premium quality because we check all our products that are uploaded to our FiveM store. Nothing is encrypted.

Make your server better than others by starting today with new mods, scripts, maps and tools for your best server!


What is FiveM?

FiveM is an addon for GTA V that allows playing multiplayer on dedicated customized servers. Each server has the possibility of adding new ingame content. FiveM became known for its roleplay twitch streamers.

All products offered here are tested and rated by our team. Best quality support is guaranteed – as this is or promise.

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Verified FiveM scripts – We work with the best creators to offer the best. Every FiveM mod is being tested thoroughly before it is being accepted.

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Open Source – We do not accept encrypted codes on our store. All downloads are fully open source and you can edit every single line of code. Never worry about locked downloads again.

We want to make your project successful!

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  • At first, we thought this site was not real; there are so many fivem leaks around the web; my experience has shown that you should not buy from fivem leaks I bought something and what can I say: my server is now better than others! Playing FiveM is now much more fun.
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  • Another amazing resource for my players. Whenever there is a problem, there is a good support team available and they will help you to make it work. The stuff is optimized and very nice compared to others you may find on the forums by weird devs. Make Grand Theft Auto great again!
    Koil from Nopixel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Perfect code and nice maps, excellent prices, amazing! I really love the livechat support as they helped me out a lot.
    Ali_Destroyer1998 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • I am very new to working with custom FiveM stuff (before I was playing on DayZ servers), and even though it took me a bit to get everything set, the documentation was easy to follow. Got rather quick responses from the support team when I needed help, and everything is working like a charm now. Will certainly be purchasing more soon on this site.
    Kevin Morange ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What about future updates?
    If you bought a product on our store, all updates are completely free and included. If an update is available, you will receive an Email.
  • I need support. What can I do?
    Our support team will help you with all purchases. We also offer a ticket system (resolution center). If your server is incompatible or the bought product does simply not work on your machine, we still offer a refund policy for you.

Yes. Our site is a legitimate source for new FiveM downloads, we are a registered company and partner of All our downloads, which are provided by verified sellers, are manually checked and verified by our quality expert team. If someting isn’t working, we are sorting it out and it will never be on our store. Of course, we also offer a refund policy to ensure safety and protection of our customers.

All downloads are one-time-payments – no subscriptions like on Tebex. We do never charge you twice!

There is no such thing as the best hosting. But: Zaphosting is enough for a start. As your project grows, switch to OVH.

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee is included in all purchases. Still not convinced? Try us!

If the purchased FiveM scripts do not work on your server and our support team can’t help you further, we provide a full refund or credits for our shop.

Famous and popular FiveM servers trust on our services. We are proud to make servers even better and keep updating FiveM mods offering on our store. We have talked to a lot of customers and got rating and reviews of our store. We are official FiveM partner and over 10k servers trusted our FiveM modding service!

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