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Best other sites for FiveM Maps / MLOs

One of the key components of creating a custom server in FiveM is the ability to use custom maps and Multi-Level Objects (MLOs). MLOs are three-dimensional structures that can be placed in the game world, and are often used to create new interiors for buildings or other structures. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sites for FiveM maps and MLOs.

Our site overview (#1) 🏆

FiveM Maps is a community of map creators who share their creations and provide support for other map creators. The site has a large library of MLOs and maps that can be used in FiveM, and you can also request custom maps and MLOs from other members.

This is one of the most popular websites for FiveM mods, including maps and MLOs. The site has a vast collection of community-created content, and you can easily search for FiveM maps and MLOs using the site’s search function.

Hassaric ( – Free)

His words: I no longer have time to develop maps since I’m mainly focusing on finishing my bachelor’s degree and work so I decided to contribute with something to this wonderful community by releasing all my maps for free. You can edit, use and share the maps as much as you like, I don’t demand eny credit for it.

Andrelakko ( – Free)

Andrelakko is a member of the FiveM community. He wrote: I’m here to release some of my maps for free, both for reaching 2000 members on discord and to fight the resale of the leaked maps
hope you can appreciate

In conclusion, these are some of the best sites for FiveM maps and MLOs (Free and Paid). Whether you’re looking for pre-made content or want to create your own custom maps and MLOs, these sites offer a wealth of resources and support for the FiveM community. Remember to always check the installation instructions and requirements for each map or MLO to ensure compatibility with your server and game version.


FiveM maps are custom maps or modifications made for the multiplayer modification of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) called FiveM. These custom maps can range from new areas, buildings, interiors, or other structures that can be placed in the game world.

Installation instructions for FiveM maps can vary depending on the specific map and the modding website you downloaded it from. However, most custom maps are installed by copying the map files to the correct folder in your FiveM server‘s resources directory. Always check the installation instructions provided by the map creator to ensure proper installation.

Multi-Level Objects (MLOs) are three-dimensional structures that can be placed in the game world, often used to create new interiors for buildings or other structures. MLOs are often used in custom maps for FiveM.

Yes, you can create your own FiveM maps using tools like CodeWalker or Map Editor. There are also various tutorials and resources available online to help you get started with creating custom maps and MLOs.

Not all FiveM maps are compatible with every FiveM server. Always check the compatibility of a specific map with your server version and game version before attempting to install it.

No. Custom maps made for FiveM are generally designed to work with FiveM multiplayer servers and may not be compatible with single-player mode. However, some map creators may offer single-player versions of their maps, so it’s worth checking with the map creator for more information.

Most FiveM maps and MLOs are free to download and use, but some map creators may require a donation or subscription to access certain maps or features.

Using copyrighted content in your FiveM maps can be a violation of copyright law and could result in legal action. It’s always best to create original content or use content that is available under a permissive license.

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