fivem starting tips

Best starting tips for FiveM roleplay

New to FiveM? This starting guide will help you.

First off: What is FiveM? FiveM is a custom mod for Grand Theft Auto V. This modification enables you to play on custom servers like RP servers. This means: You don’t have to grind money (like in GTA Online) to buy a car. You can simply spawn it and/or set your own money on your personalized server.

How to start as a player?

Buy GTA V, download FiveM and start FiveM.exe.

How to host a FiveM server?

If you want to create your own world/island, follow this tutorial.

The best starting tips

  1. Do not play on overfilled servers.
  2. Start with your friends (1-2 people). It is more fun!
  3. Do not use hacks or cheats. It will ban you globally.
  4. Stay in role. Do not fail rp!
  5. Watch streams on Twitch, to see how it works.
  6. Use a good microphone (mic quality is important!)

If you create a server, make sure to use premium quality scripts! Do not use poor coded stuff, use our tested mods.

What are typical jobs?

There are legal and illegal jobs. Police officer, EMS or mechanics are legal jobs. Drug dealer or stunt racer are illegal ones. It varies from server to server.

How to name my character?

It is quite important that your character meets some criteria: Do not choose the character name from a famous person (like Michael Jackson). The character should have his own personality and not yours. Keep in mind to stay in character.

What else is important to do?

  • Always keep informed about the rules of the server you are playing on. Your gameplay must comply to the server rules to avoid bans. Do not break any rule!
  • If you own a server, make sure to update your server files every week.
  • Read the FiveM rules and do not make any profit off FiveM servers.

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