Blips Creator Standalone Releases

Blips Creator [Standalone] – Releases

FiveM Blips

This script permits gamers to create their very own FiveM blips, and permits directors to simply create international blips

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  • Players can create their own blips
  • Players can edit their own blips
  • Players can delete their own blips
  • Players can share their own blips
  • Admins can create global blips
  • Admins can edit global blips
  • Admins can delete global blips
  • Standalone


  1. Download the script
  2. Extract wherever you want into your resources
  3. Add ACE permission “blipcreator” to allow admins create global blips
  4. Add SQL file to database
  5. Add ensure blips_creator in your server.cfg

Additional informations

The script is open source, no IP lock, no obfuscation, you can edit anything you want, I only ask you to avoid leaking the script or sharing it

If you are interested in the script you can find it here

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