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Blue Ridge Bay Role-Play

We’re a Fivem role-play server. We strive at making a server that everyone can enjoy. We’re primarily Law Enforcement and Civilian role-play, but the heart of our server is our civilians. We welcome everyone to the server. We don’t look into the past, we only look towards the present and even further towards the future. Our future is you. We would like you, the Fivem community, to join us in making Blue Ridge Bay a place that everyone can go to for some fun, relaxation, perhaps even a place where you can be you, or you can be someone totally different. Certified Civilians are looking for all positions. The Department of Public Safety is looking for a majority of their positions to be filled. Fire Department all positions are open. We want you to be a part of our community so that you can call it your community. We would love to have you with us. Our current departments are; Department of Public Safety, Blue Ridge Fire Department, Blue Ridge Constables, U.S. Marshals, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Certified Civilian, Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works. If you think you want to be apart of one of these departments then please join us and fill out an application or request an interview. Thank you for reading this as we hope to see you soon!

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