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Can ChatGPT write LUA Code? We tried it…

ChatGPT is a growing tool for writing text and code. We started the session by asking “Can ChatGPT” write LUA code?”. The answer:

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The answer for “Can ChatGPT write LUA Code?”

Simple as that.

Hello-World LUA code

Our prompt we used:

Write a LUA code with following functions for FiveM:
User has to enter /hello to chat,
response will be hello world

Our request

And the answer:

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First request

That actually looks quite well. It’s not integrated to a framework like ESX or qbCore, but it still does the job. And it works.

A more difficult task

Write a LUA code with following functions for FiveM: When a player has 50% health, give him a pistol

Our prompt

And the answer was:

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Second request
-- Function to check if a player has 50% health
function CheckHealth(player)
  local playerHealth = GetEntityHealth(player)
  local maxHealth = GetEntityMaxHealth(player)

  -- Check if the player's health is 50% or less
  if playerHealth <= (maxHealth * 0.5) then
    -- Give the player a pistol
    GiveWeaponToPed(player, GetHashKey("WEAPON_PISTOL"), 250, false, true)

-- Register an event handler to check player health every second
  while true do
    -- Get all players
    for i=0,32 do
      local player = GetPlayerPed(i)

      -- Check if the player is valid and not dead
      if DoesEntityExist(player) and not IsEntityDead(player) then

    -- Wait for a second

So even this ChatGPT request worked out. Wow.

So, can ChatGPT write LUA?

Totally yes. You can use ChatGPT to generate LUA code. However, keep in mind that the AI does not know FiveM and the different frameworks. You might need to adjust the code a bit.

As a language model, ChatGPT is capable of writing LUA code, including code for the FiveM framework. However, it’s important to note that despite its vast knowledge and understanding of programming languages and syntax, the AI model doesn’t have a deep understanding of the specific requirements and nuances of FiveM and other related frameworks.

While the AI can generate code that follows the syntax and conventions of LUA, it may not always be optimized for the specific use case you have in mind. In some cases, you might need to adjust or modify the generated code to ensure that it works correctly in the FiveM framework.

In short, while ChatGPT can provide a starting point and a foundation for your LUA code, you should still expect to do some manual editing and testing to ensure that the code meets your needs and runs correctly in FiveM.

This is just stunning. Wow.

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