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Ambulance Stretcher Free

! Installation: We upload both folders onto our server under “resources”.Then we open the server.cfg file and add “start stretcher” and “start stretcher-master” to it. ! Commands: / spawnstr – spawns the stretcher/ pushstr – attaches the stretcher to the player/ getintostr – player lies on the stretcher/ togglestr – pushes the stretcher into the …

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FiveM Backstory Generator

Welcome to the FiveM Backstory Generator! Here, you can generate a unique backstory for your FiveM character that will add depth and personality to your gameplay experience.

Our generator takes into account various aspects of your character, such as their name, age, occupation, location, past events, and personality traits. With these inputs, it will generate a custom backstory that will help you better understand your character and their motivations.

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How FiveM Servers can Boost Social Media Likes and Follows

Are you a FiveM server owner and want to unlock the Full Potential of your FiveM Server for Explosive Social Media Growth? We will show you how. Introduction The world of FiveM, a modification for Grand Theft Auto V, has taken the gaming community by storm. With a vast array of custom servers and endless …

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FiveM Free Burgershot

Download FEATURES – 2x bathroom– Kitchen– Freezer– Delivery entrance ————————————————————– USED PROGRAMMS – Blender 3.4– Sollumz Blender Addon– Codewalker– OpenIV– FiveM– Adobe Photoshop HOW TO INSTALL FiveM[uNiqx] BURGERSHOT/|-> [#1] FiveM/| |-> uniqx_burgershot/ 1. Move ‘uniqx_burgershot’ into your resource folder2. Add “start uniqx_burgershot” in server.cfg3. Start server and enjoy! Singleplayer !! MAKE SURE MP MAPS ARE …

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