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Connexion RP QBCore

Connexion RP is a chill yet stimulating & entertaining roleplay server based on QB-Core, playable on FiveM. The server is set in an American environment and is therefore based on American law and order. The founders are a bunch of 20+ year old developers who has years of experience of both playing FiveM Roleplay as well developing FiveM servers. We are newly opened and in need of active players who can set a standard of how RP should be played to maximize the amount of fun you can have. However, if you are an experienced and is looking to take on more responsibility, we do strive to be one of the most realistic and up most professional communities on FiveM . We currently have various professional and realistic departments with high commands that we wish to be filled by professional & experienced Role-players. In our community we have, Highway Patrol , Sheriff Department , Police Departments & Bureaus that will ensure the maximum level of realism but as we grow each day we hope to provide the best experience to all players on FiveM.  But in the end, Connexion RP is here to welcome you into a comforting community without unnecessary toxicity. We are a community that wants to grow with you and become a family together. Does this seem somewhat interesting? Check out what we offer below.
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Here are a few things of what we offer:

– A controlled environment for civilians, criminals and police. We believe in equality in the sense that all sides can enjoy the same scenario equally with the help of our unique scripts.
– An incredibly realistic economy down to the real life salaries for different jobs as well as real life prices for vehicles, drugs, weapons, etc.
– Active staff and developers that listen to the community and is ready to change and act upon the will of the public voice.
– Freedom to play your game how you like it, to the limit that you have everyone’s enjoyment in mind.
– Real life vehicles such as BMWs, Buggatis, Ducatis, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and many more.
– More than 25 different jobs such as Police, Car Dealer, Real Estate Agent, Pilot, Parking Enforcer, Warehouse Driver, Garbage Collector, Uber Driver, Bus Driver, and many more.
– Lots of criminal activities such Bank Heists, Cayo Perico Heist, Car Theft, Shop Robbery, Drug Deliverys, Drug Growing, Drug Selling.
– Multicharacter system so you can morph into four different personalities.
– And A LOT more.

Since we are a new server, there are lots of important roles to be filled, some of these are:

– All kinds of staff and helpers towards the server.
– Job titles such as Chief Of Police, Gang Leaders, Car Dealership CEO, Head Mechanic, and many more.

Everyone is welcome to try, we also encourage new whom never played RP as well as old players who want to get their FiveM spark back. Come and join the discord, read over the rules and visit the city to see how amazing it truly is! We all look forward to seeing you become apart of this amazing community!

Fear not and come join us!

Looking forward to meeting you ingame | Mangement Of ConnexionRP

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