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How to create a Teamspeak3 server


In this tutorial we show you how to create a Teamspeak3 server for your FiveM roleplay server

In order to be able to fully use Teamspeak, you need a server. We’ll show you how to create one here.
Teamspeak3 is mainly used by gamers to communicate via microphone and headset. It is also being used to communicate on roleplay servers on FiveM.


Download the TS3 files (only if selfhosted)

You can download all the ts3 files here, from the official website of Teamspeak

Recommended: Rent a ts3 server

You can also rent a server from a hoster of your choice. Here, we recommend Zaphosting. Zap is pretty cheap and easy to use and mainly famous for the partnership with FiveM. Rent your ts3 server today!

Special server offer!

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How to become admin

  1. Start your Ts3 server
  2. You’ll get a privilege key. Copy this key.
  3. Join your server and enter this key to obtain admin rights on your server!

Have fun creating your Teamspeak server!

Need Tokovoip? Find it here.

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