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Looking for the most advanced animation menu for FiveM servers?
Here you go: dpEmotes v1.7


  • 1.7 Added Keybinding! /emotebind (key) (emote)
  • 1.6.0 Added shared emotes support! Do /nearby or through F3 menu to invite a nearby player to join you in a a shared emote. Check video preview below!
  • 1.5.2 Language support! (HMU if you wanna help with translations!)
  • 1.5 Added Facial Expressions
  • 1.4.2 Added menu positioning, thx toΒ @dhawton
  • 1.4.1 Moved the prop emotes to their own category, more walkingstyles
  • 1.4 moved the Dancing emotes to their own category, added keybinding a favorite emote and a ragdoll key, default β€œU”
  • 1.3.1 Now includes emotes from Casino DLC
  • 1.3 Added walkingstyles to the β€œF3” menu

Installation and configuration

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