List of ESX Admin Commands (FiveM)

This is a little overview of commands for the ESX-Framework.

  • /setcoords teleport to coordinates
  • /setjob give job to a player
  • /car spawn a vehicle
  • /cardel or /dv delete vehicle
  • /setaccountmoney set money amount of player
  • /giveaccountmoney give money amount to player
  • /bring teleport player to you
  • /goto teleport you to player
  • /giveitem give an item to a player
  • /giveweaponcomponent change a weapon component
  • /clear delete chat
  • /clearall delete chat for all players
  • /showinventory check inventory from player
  • /clearinventory clear inventory for player
  • /clearloadout delete weapons of player
  • /setgroup set a group for player
  • /skin open the menu for skins
  • /tpm teleport to map waypoint

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