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How to: FiveM DDoS Protection

FiveM DDoS attacks are a big problem for roleplay servers. Only a FiveM DDoS protection helps. Many servers, even smaller ones, are being attacked every day. Players get annoyed and cannot play anymore. This is a big problem and we help show you how to protect yourself against those attacks.

What are DDoS attacks?

(…) a method where cybercriminals flood a network with so much traffic that it cannot operate or communicate as it normally would.

Source: McAfee

In easier words: Many clients try to establish a connection to your server. Your server can’t handle this and goes offline. Boom. The server is offline and no one can join.

Step 1: Block all ports, except the ones you need

Block all ports except those for FiveM (and maybe Teamspeak):

  • 30110 – (UDP/TCP) FiveM server
  • 30120 – (UDP/TCP) FiveM server
  • 9987 – (UDP) Teamspeak

This helps to block many attacks against other ports.

Step 2: Buy a quality server, not a cheap one

Many servers are poor in terms of network-linking and quality. Don’t buy the cheapest servers you can find (like Zap or any cheap VPS). There are hosters that offer a DDoS protection – but not every protection is the same. We recommend the servers of OvH. Tests showed, that servers from OvH have one of the biggest and best protection against Distrubuted Denial of Service attacks.

Step 3 (optional): Hide the IP address

Hide your server from the FiveM list, because if your server is visible on the list, it is easier to target the server. If people can see your server publicly, they might want to try to attack it. So, the easiest step out of these three: Hide it and reveal the IP only to those who want to play on it.

You can hide the IP address by using the privacy-option in the server.cfg.

Conclusion: Better protect yourself!

Server hosting matters. Don’t buy the cheapest products on the market. Use a firewall to block ports and hide your server IP from lists.

DDoS attacks are annoying and a big problem for FiveM servers. Contact us, if you need help setting up a DDoS protection. Make sure to be protected by those hacker attacks!

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