FiveM DDoS attack

FiveM DDoS Protection – Be prepared!

FiveM is an extremely popular online modification of the furiously popular GTA V game. The FiveM developers have harnessed an innovative and thriving community of GTA 5 players from around the globe. With countless servers to choose from there is no shortage of fun to be had. Unless…..

FiveM DDoS attacks

The bane of any thriving game server. FiveM servers are no exception to this. At Evolution Host we’ve dealt with DDoS attacks for every type of application you can imagine. However, when it comes to FiveM DDoS attacks, there is a level of sophistication and persistence in the attacks that is not often seen in other applications. We are happy to say that we have developed an all encompassing, multi-point mitigation system that is an amalgamation of software, hardware and kernel solutions that results in a level of DDoS Protection for FiveM servers not seen anywhere else.

FiveM servers are ddosed everyday

And it’s no fun. Make sure to rent a server on a good server host with a DDoS protection. Ovh has quite the best protection against DDoS attacks.

Jarrrk writes: “I’ve been hosting with OVH for over 8 years now, I run a large server with a lot of players coming in and out on the daily, some never being allowed back in for good reasons. With that being said in my time not only with FiveM but various other gameservers (gmod, TF2, DayZ mod, ArmA 2/3, Rust, Minecraft) I’ve dealt with this problem for years.

I’m no way affiliated with OVH but they have some of the best DDoS mitigation in the business (for non-enterprise customers), you really do get what you pay for and is definitely worthwhile pricing up if you’re looking to stop people like this. I’ve had many people try and knock my box offline throughout the years but laugh every single time, I get an email from OVH telling me of the disruption, with all network traffic being mitigated for the time being.”

So get prepared for DDoS attacks!

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