FiveM Development Service

FiveM Development Service

Are you looking for a FiveM Developer?
Our FiveM Development helps you to customize and code your server.

How To: Find a developer for your FiveM server

To make your server even more special, you need to offer a code that is customized and unique built for your community. It is easy to use pre-coded scripts but it can be quite frustrating if something doesn’t work as it should. For that, you need a developer which is able to write code in LUA, JS, HTML and CSS. FiveM is also capable to run C# code.

There are quite a few possibilities to recruit an excellent FiveM developer. For example: Check the Fiverr offers or get one via! We also have a good amount of self-written scripts for FiveM here on our site, check them out here

The advantages of a FiveM developer

If you have a FiveM roleplay server, you need to have a good FiveM developer for

  • fixing bugs/problems
  • ensure code stability (no crashes)
  • add new features (scripts + maps)
  • maintain your server technology (core, cfx)
  • add new content/designs to your server
  • offer server updates for your community

What does a FiveM dev cost?

Every dev has his own prices. So we cannot give any specific info on the prices.
Our prices are 70$ / 1hour.

Fill out the form to book a dev

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Add any bugs, etc.

FiveM mods (ready to play)

Use these codes to add them to your server right away, no dev needed.

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