FiveM script locked

Don’t use resources with FiveM Escrow encryption. Here’s why.

With the FiveM Escrow system, cfx wants to give modders, creators and coders the possibility to encrypt their work. Facing all those FiveM leaks, it is a quite understandable fact that resources need to be protected from pirates and leakers.

But: We do not like the encryption system at all. And here are the top reasons why we dislike FiveM Escrow and other encryption methods.

What is FiveM Escrow?

The FiveM Escrow system is a cfx/FiveM tool that enables to hide the complete code of a resource and load it remotely to servers. Creators can create and mask their codes, graphics and other content and publish the content without fearing their assets being leaked around the web. We understand the matter (and we are against FiveM leaks by ourselves) but the consequences of encryption are terrible.

FiveM hackers

You often buy “a pig in a poke” (Malicious, hidden code / backdoors)

You cannot access all coding lines of the resource, which is a quite dangerous thing: Some (not all) resource creators have included FiveM backdoors that use malicious codes on your servers and your players. Some of them coded malicious code that can access your server machines, delete or shut down your server completely. We have already seen that before on rcore pools script.

Limited editing possibilities

When stuff is encrypted and you can’t access the code or important code lines, you cannot change all settings. We believe that customers that spend money on FiveM scripts should also be able to fully edit everything. Why would you pay for something you can’t fully edit?

Buying FiveM mods, customers should be able to expect full editing permissions. But on encrypted code, you can’t unfortunately edit everything.

FiveM script locked
Woman crying

It’s not yours. But you paid for it.

Creators like Gabz created their own tebex store for subscriptions on maps. Don’t get us wrong: It’s a good thing to support creators. But why can’t creators just not make a 1-time-payment and give all source codes? To only protect their work? No. To make more money and to get full control of your server. So you basically buy ‘time’ and not the product itself because you do not know what’s inside, you only see the outer packaging.

Don’t support FiveM turning into a “Pay Only” client.

Yes: We do think that good work should be paid. But we are completely against the consequences that FiveM Escrow brings: The time of free resources are over. Check the FiveM forums and you will only find purple “PAID” scripts. We do not support that and would like you to not pay for those scripts or maps. The money greed of people has to stop.

FiveM Paywall

Be careful: Do not use encrypted codes. Get FULL OPEN SOURCE scripts on ESX-Scripts.

Our company does not accept encrypted content on our website. You may ask why: Because we believe in open-source and think that the safety of our customers is more important than making money and using backdoor code on your servers. All scripts and maps on are fully accessible.

The final verdict

Final words: Do not use encrypted codes for your FiveM server. It is a high risk and not recommended, because you don’t know for sure what’s inside the code. And if the creator of the mod has a bad mood, he can just erase your server or shut it down.

So, be careful folks!

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What is your opinion about encryption and the escrow system? Write it down in the comments.

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