FiveM Essentialmode

What is Essentialmode for FiveM?

EssentiaMode is the base resource which has cash and permissions functions built in right for your FiveM server. EssentialMode itself will not do anything of use, it is just a base framework. It can be used to easily create resources that have to communicate with each other.

Usage: EssentialMode has many event handlers, here are the current ones available.
Note: These are server-sided

-- Gets called the first time a player spawns in the server.
AddEventHandler('es:firstSpawn', function(source) end)

-- Gets called when a player is fully loaded.
AddEventHandler('es:playerLoaded', function(source) end)

-- Gets called when the player is initialized.
AddEventHandler('es:initialized', function(player) end)

    Added: version 1.0.0

-- Gets called when a user command is successfully ran.
AddEventHandler('es:userCommandRan', function(source, command_args, user) end)

-- Gets called when any command is ran
AddEventHandler('es:commandRan', function(source, command_args, user) end)

-- Gets called when an admin command is ran
AddEventHandler('es:adminCommandRan', function(source, command_args, user) end)

-- Gets called when a non existent command is ran. (This can be cancelled to not display the message)
AddEventHandler('es:invalidCommandHandler', function(source, command_args, user) end)

-- This gets called when an admin command is ran, but the user does not have permission to run it.
AddEventHandler('es:adminCommandFailed', function(source, command_args, user) end)

-- This gets called when a chat message is sent.
AddEventHandler('es:chatMessage', function(source, command_args, user) end)

    Added: EssentialMode 4+

-- Gets called when a player leaves the server,  handy for saving custom data.
AddEventHandler('es:playerDropped', function(user)end)

And these are the ones you can trigger, again from the server.

-- Add a command everyone is able to run. Args is a table with all the arguments, and the user is the user object, containing all the user data.
TriggerEvent('es:addCommand', 'command-here-without-slash', function(source, args, user) end, {help here})

-- Add a command that requires admin privileges, the third argument is the required permission level. The first function is when the user has this permission, the second one is when the player does not.
TriggerEvent('es:addAdminCommand', 'command-here-without-slash', 5, function(source, args, user) 
     -- Has permission
end, function(source, args, user) 
     -- Doesn't have permission
end, {help here})

-- Gives the loaded user corresponding to the given player id(second argument).
TriggerEvent('es:getPlayerFromId', source, function(user)
     -- The user object is either nil or the loaded user.

-- Sets player data and then calls the callback once this is done.
TriggerEvent('es:setPlayerData', source, key, value, function(message, success) end)

-- Does the same as above but you can use an identifier instead of a playerid.
TriggerEvent('es:setPlayerDataId', id, key, value, function(message, success) end)

    Added: version 0.2.2

-- Gives all the loaded players in the first function argument.
TriggerEvent('es:getPlayers', function(players) end)

-- [[
     Added version 1.1.0

-- You can set the default settings with this. The parameter is a table, the settings you want to change can be put in here.
TriggerEvent("es:setDefaultSettings", {})
-- Here is an example usage
TriggerEvent("es:setDefaultSettings", {
    pvpEnabled = true -- Default false

-- This is able to set a session setting, this setting is saved until server restart.
TriggerEvent("es:setSessionSetting", key, value)

-- With this you can get the variable that was saved using setSessionSetting, the callback has one parameter which contains the stored value (or nil).
TriggerEvent("es:getSessionSetting", key, callback)

    Added version 2.0.0

-- Adds a new group with the groupname of your choice, you can make it inherit from custom groups or from the main ones. Inheriting from superadmin means that group has access to everything.
TriggerEvent("es:addGroup", "groupname", "inherits")

-- Returns all of the groups inside of the: groups argument
TriggerEvent("es:getAllGroups", function(groups) end)

    Added: EssentialMode 4+

-- Add a command that requires a specific group. The last 2 arguments need to be functions which both have 3 arguments. (source, command_args, Users[source])
TriggerEvent("es:addGroupCommand", command, group, callback, callbackfailed, {help here})

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