FiveM Heist scripts

FiveM heist scripts

Today we present you some our best FiveM heist scripts for FiveM. What is a roleplay server without robbery or a heist? Nothing! You need a good crime RP, and here are good scripts for your heist robbery roleplay.

Make some robberies ingame and try to replay the GTA Online Heists on your server.

Find scripts for your server

FiveM heists are really exciting (for players)

Most of roleplay servers do have the problem that the gameplay will get boring. Everybody likes excitement and tension. Enhance your roleplay experience with these robbery heist scripts for your FiveM RP server. Do not wait – the time is now. Get ready and try to get a lot of cash – and watch out for cops!

All of those scripts offer a lot of possibilities to customize or adjust values like items or money amount receiving. Adjust the values to the economic system of your FiveM server. We do not set any limits for you – so feel free to change anything you want.

Special robbery scripts

All work, offered on, is checked and validated – we offer a special refund policy if something doesn’t work. Give your players something unique to experience.

FiveM yacht heist

Let your players earn money with excitement

The FiveM heist scripts gives the chance to earn money on your roleplay server – in a special way. Give your players a big thrill if it comes to illegal crime activities and get your police officers involved. Cops will love the scripts as well as illegal crime parties like gangs or mafias.

Show your players you care about their wishes and get them a unique way to earn payloan for your ESX server. Because they deserve it!

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