fivem invisible wall

FiveM Invisible Wall Bug (Fix)

Do you have texture bugs or errors in the FiveM map? The walls or floors become invisible?

Here’s the solution!

How to solve the texture issue

  1. Go to the settings “ESC”
  2. Open Settings – Graphics
  3. Set the “Extended Texture Budget” higher there.
  4. Make sure that the graphics memory is not too busy, otherwise lags can occur.

Other problems (fixes)

Clearing cache

And here is a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Go to where your FiveM shortcut is located
  2. Right-click the FiveM icon
  3. Click “Open file location”.
  4. Click on “FiveM application data”
  5. Go to “data” and delete everything in that folder.
  6. Empty your trash can immediately afterwards.

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