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FiveM Lags – FPS Drops (Fix/HowTo)

Are you noticing FPS drops or lags on your FiveM game? Maybe your game is even crashing? Oh, no! There are several reasons for those kind of problems. Our tutorial here will help you finding and eliminating those!

Video help

Video tutorial for FiveM UI Lag fix

First off: Run a GPU-driver update

Please check your NVidia graphic drivers (or AMD drivers, if you have an AMD card). Make sure you have the latest drivers loaded for your graphics card.

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Check if there is an update available. Install it and run it.

Afterwards, check if your issue is solved.

Check your FiveM graphic settings

How old is your PC? Is it outdated? Think about buying a new GPU – for example a RTX 2060 or RTX 3080.

Open FiveM and click on Settings. Open the Graphic Settings and put everything to “LOW”. Check if this solves your lags.

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Set everything to LOW to save GPU memory. This will reduce lags.

Sometimes it’s a server issue

Have you tried everything? Sometimes it’s even a problem from the server hoster (owner), so that means it might be not your fault. Open the resmon console of your server (F8, enter resmon) and check if something is taking more than 0.4ms.

If that is the case, contact your server support team (server owner) via Discord and ask him to optimize the server resources.

Final words

It might be the case that your PC is too weak to handle FiveM. Check your CPU and GPU usage. But sometimes it’s not even your PC’s fault! It might be the fault of the server optimization.

If that is the case, check out our tutorial on how to optimize a FiveM server (speed)!

Do you need help? Contact us via the comment-section down below or our contact page.

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