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What are FiveM Leaks?

FiveM scripts are unique and created by programmers, coders and mappers. Sometimes, people tend to share them without the permission of the owners. That is called “leaking”. This is prohibited and strictly forbidden.

Essentially, these are unauthorized releases of information or content related to FiveM. This can include leaked versions of upcoming updates, leaked scripts or assets from server developers, or even leaked personal information about individuals within the FiveM community.

Leaks can occur in a variety of ways, such as through hacking, insider information, or unintentional leaks from developers or other individuals. These leaks can cause a range of issues, including damage to reputations, legal consequences, and loss of trust within the community.

It’s important to note that participating in the distribution or sharing of FiveM leaks is generally not allowed within the community and can result in consequences such as being banned from servers or facing legal action. It’s always best to respect the privacy and intellectual property of others and refrain from sharing or distributing leaked information.

Those leaks are spread all over discord and forums like “rare5m” or “highleaks”. Those sites are illegal because they infringe the copyrights of the legal owners. You should avoid to use leaks, because once your server has been reported, it may get banned from the FiveM network forever.

Does FiveM-Mods.net sell leaks?

No: It has been alleged that we are selling leaked scripts, which is completely untrue. We would like to make it clear that all the scripts we sell on our website are fully authorized and licensed by the original scripters. We have strict policies in place to ensure that we only deal with legitimate scripters who have the necessary rights to distribute their scripts.

We take these allegations very seriously and would like to request your help in addressing this matter. We ask that you thoroughly investigate these claims and take any necessary action to clear our name and ensure that our business is not affected by false accusations.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience and we appreciate your support. Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and we look forward to your prompt response and resolution of this issue.

What happens if I use FiveM leaks on my server?

It is illegal to use FiveM leaks and you can get DMCA’d if you use them. If your FiveM server uses leaks, your server can get banned from FiveM.
You should never use leaked scripts or maps that are spread around the web. Also, Rockstar Games might sue you.

How to report a leak discord server

If you want to report a discord server, you need the server ID for that. Activate the ‘developer mode’ in your settings -> appearance and right click the leak discord server. Rightclick the icon of the server and click “copy server ID”. You have now copied the ID of the server.

Send the Discord server ID

Now, go to this page: https://dis.gd/request

Then, fill in the server ID and use “Trust & Safety” as reason. Report the server with the ID you copied and Discord will take the server down.

Discord DMCA takedown

DMCA takedown form for Discord

Are you a creator of a script or a map? Did you find your work on any discord? Then it’s time to use the Discord DMCA form to remove this leak server and save your work.

It is never allowed to spread copyright content that someone worked on – without permission. You might contact the copyright infringer (poster) of the FiveM leak to delete your content!

Can I get in trouble?

Yes, if you violate the rights of other people and use FiveM leaks, the original owners can file a DMCA suit against you (and your server). And it already happened many times that leakers had to pay thousands of dollars. It is a possibility that if you engage in the unauthorized distribution of information or content that belongs to others, you may be sued for copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This type of legal action has been taken against FiveM users in the past, resulting in significant financial penalties. Therefore, it is important to respect the intellectual property and rights of others in order to avoid potential legal consequences.

Click here to read our article what could happen to your server

FiveM will most likely take down your server and you will lose all your players within a short time range. We recommend to not use FiveM leaks at all.

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