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Naturalvision Evolved (FiveM)

What is FiveM NVe?

Get ready to take your GTA 5 gaming adventure to the next level of realism! Step into the world of cutting-edge graphics with the game-changing “Naturalvision Evolved” GPU mod designed for GTA 5 in 2023. As gaming tech marches forward, keeping up with top-notch visuals is key. Lucky for you, creative modders are on a mission to enhance the visual splendor of your beloved games.

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Naturalvision Image

Download NVE for FiveM

The download link will redirect you to the official Patreon page of RaZeD, the creator of NVe.

Mod Showcase (Gallery)

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More about NVe

Naturalvision Evolved, also known as NVe, is the ultimate graphics mod that’s about to transform the way you experience GTA 5. Wave goodbye to outdated visuals as you immerse yourself in a breathtaking realm of ultrarealism. Imagine soaring through virtual skies surrounded by volumetric clouds that seem to leap off the screen ÔÇô NVe makes this fantasy come alive with visuals that surpass your wildest dreams.

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Trailer Showcase

Our opinion about the trailer

We are absolutely thrilled with this trailer! It’s remarkable how this video has managed to showcase the enduring visual appeal of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), despite the fact that the game itself is considered quite old by today’s standards. The level of craftsmanship and dedication displayed by RazedMods in creating this trailer is truly commendable.

The trailer serves as a testament to the timeless allure of GTA, highlighting its ability to maintain its visual charm even years after its initial release. It’s a testament to the enduring popularity of the game, as well as the creative talent within the modding community.

RazedMods deserves immense credit for their exceptional work on this trailer. They’ve not only captured the essence of GTA’s unique and captivating world but have also brought it to life in a visually stunning way. The attention to detail, the vibrant colors, and the meticulous craftsmanship on display are nothing short of impressive.

How to install NVe

Frequently asked questions

Naturalvision Evolved is available for Singleplayer, FiveM, RageMP and Alt:V.

However, you shouldn’t use this mod on GTA Online, as it’s possible to get banned for it!

Technically yes – but we recommend not using it for GTA Online.

Why? Because it can lead to your account being suspended / banned. In GTA:O mods are not allowed by Rockstar Games! So dont use this GTA 5 graphics mod on the standard online mode.

Once you are a patron for the Patreon page of Naturalvision Evolved (NVe), you receive the updated regulary. Make sure to stay a patron, otherwise updates will not be included.

This graphic mod is updated regulary, so make sure to check out any update and install it on your FiveM client.

$10 one-time-payment.

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