Reshade FiveM

Graphic/Shader mod for FiveM client 

Reshade FiveM is a modification for changing the light and effects for the game. It offers a variety of ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, a realistic color correction and more. You can use presets and change the look of the game to your liking.

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The mod is open source and works without any coding. Just copy the files to your game folder and start the program.

Reshade FiveM

How to install Reshade

Windows: Every version from 7 onwards are supported. DirectX End-User Runtimes must be installed.
Some users reported issues with other versions than windows 10, so this one is highly recommended.
Linux: Seems like ReShade is supported on linux thanks to a recent DXVK update for Wine.
Make sure you have a Vulkan-compatible GPU.
Mac: ReShade is currently not supported on iOS systems. No updates are planned for that.

Be aware!
Using this method to apply Reshade into older games might lead to visual / techincal issues, which can affect the integrity of your games.
More about it:

Automatic way:¬†Launch the setup tool and select your game executable. After choosing the API, the setup will ask you to overwrite or uninstall ReShade for that game: click¬†No¬†and you’re done.
Manual way:¬†Navigate through your game directory and reach the location of your game executable. You’ll find¬†.ini files¬†(ReShade.ini – Preset.ini),¬†.dll files¬†(d3d9.dll / d3d10.dll / d3d11.dll / dxgi.dll / opengl32.dll, depending on the game API) and a¬†“reshade-shaders”¬†folder. Select and delete them all.

Reshade FAQ

Any game is supported. You can also use FiveM with Reshade.

Technically yes – but we recommend not using this mod for GTA Online.

Why? Because it can lead to your account being suspended / banned. In GTA:O mods are not allowed by Rockstar Games! So dont use this GTA 5 graphics mod on the standard online mode.

Click here to download Reshade for FiveM.

Check out the official website of the mod:

No. It is allowed to use graphic mods.

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