FiveM Play As Animal

Hello people! In this tutorial we will show you how to play as an animal on FiveM, like: dogs, cats, dolphins, sharks, fishs, etc.

This tutorial is for all server owners who want to enable to play as an animal ped.

Why to play as animal? It is a lot of fun to disguise as a standard animal ped to look for players and fool them! It is quite funny and creates new possibilities to make roleplay on your server.

FiveM animal ped list

This ped list shows you all ped-spawns. Click on the image to enlarge:
FiveM peds

Spawn with vMenu

If you want to use animals as peds, you can install vMenu to spawn/use ped models from the game. With vMenu, you have the option to modify your player model and use custom peds like animals. How to use vMenu? Open M to open vMenu, go to player options and ped.

New models/clothings for your server

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Best FiveM maps for download

Brand-new MLO maps will improve your roleplay as they add new buildings and interiors to your already existing objects from GTA.
Here is a summary of the most famous and liked maps for the mod.

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