The best FiveM server hosters

Find the best hosts for your project. We tested various hosters and found one clear winner.


What is FiveM?

FiveM is a third-party client for the game "Grand Theft Auto V". Using this mod, you can create own-hosted GTA servers and mod them (like you know from singleplayer). Most people use FiveM to create their own roleplay projects, like NoPixel.

Find the best for your project

It has to be said that there are many different experiences and these tests are just our own opinon. Make your own experience by testing different FiveM host providers. Pretty important is a good protection from attacks, a decent hardware setup and internet connection speed (up to 1 GB/s). For best results you can even host your own server on your own vServer/VPS/Root server like on Hetzner or ovh.

For best options, also install a server with txAdmin. What is txAdmin? A solution to control your server via backend, with this tool you can restart and manage your server – even whitelisting is possible. You can see all live players and kick/ban them.

Make also sure to have enough RAM on your workspace. Otherwise your server will start to lag. Also, the CPU has to be a good one. Remember: You want to offer the best quality for your players, so don’t save money on the wrong end.


Zap offers a server-hosting for FiveM. While it is not the best way to host a server, it is the most-common and supported way of the FiveM community. Many starter projects use Zaphosting to host and serve their roleplay projects hosted. Zap also offers a lot of payment solutions so you can pay however you want.

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Citadel servers

Citadel servers

Citadel servers also offer a range of GTA5 servers on different clients, like alt:V, rage:mp and FiveM. They also have pre-installed modpacks that you can use for your server to start it up without any big hassle. Try it out today.

Self hosted: Any

You can also rent a vServer/VPS/Root server on any service provider you’d like, for example Hetzner or OvH. Set up a windows machine and use it for your server only! It might be a bit harder for the beginning but if you plan to expand your project – this is the way to go.

Click here to see the tutorial on how to set up a server on Windows!

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In conclusion: The best choice

For the beginning: Zaphosting is the way to go. If you want to build a big project with hundreds of players, we recommend hosting your own server on your own machine. Choose a decent host like OvH or Hetzner. Also make sure to have a good internet connection on your host, otherwise your players can start to lag – and no one wants that.

Create your roleplay project today

You are the creator and dreamer - we offer to support people like you to create roleplay servers on FiveM. With OneSync your server can support up to 1024 players. Find out about the best FiveM server hosting!

Looking for FiveM scripts?

Find the best scripts for FiveM right on our shop. We offer full service support and bring the best programs, mods, maps and scripts right to your FiveM server. Check it out to find the best mods!

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