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FiveM Server List

Are you looking for a FiveM server list to play GTA RP? You will find the best ones right on this page.
The biggest, best and most popular servers for FiveM!

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The GTA 5 modification called “FiveM” is popular on Twitch. Most FiveM servers are roleplay servers, which enable players to slip into a role of criminals or police officers. On this page you’ll find a collection of the most popular servers on the FiveM platform! Our international FiveM server list will provide many different RP servers on the FiveM platform. We list the best servers so you don’t have to waste time finding a server. You will find the best servers here – at a glance.

Third-party servers

That’s not all. We have more to offer.

NoPixel (ENG)

One of the first and most popular FiveM servers is called Nopixel roleplay.
The server is a whitelist-only-server. You can register on their forums and join the game. You can play a police officer or a gangster criminal.

Popular streamers like AbdulHD, Kyle or GTAWiseguy played on this server.
This server is pay-to-play and streamers get paid to play!

Find out more about NoPixel here (LINK)

NoPixel logo

EclipseRP (English server)

Eclipse-Roleplay is an english FiveM server on our list which has an online-store to buy digital goods for the roleplay experience. However, this is prohibited by Rockstar Games. Read more about it here.

The server provides advances features, an active support staff and a good amount of events.

Eclipse Roleplay
TheFamily RP

TheFamilyRP (ENG)

TheFamilyRP server is focused on high quality / hardcore roleplay.

The server was launched on December 16th, 2017 – which means its been some days and they are experienced on roleplay. The server was rebranded as “Beacon RP”.

GTA World (ENG)

GTA World is a server with a lot of features and updates.

It was created with the main goal of fun, realistic and fun-dynamical roleplay experience. The server has no Pay2Win features and runs on the RageMP platform (not FiveM). This server also has a user control panel system.

gta world
Five RP Website

FiveRP (2019-2022)

FiveRP was the biggest and one of the best german servers for FiveM roleplay from 2019-2022.


A great community, great support, stable hardware, no Pay2Win. The admin team sees every single player and is happy to respond to constructive criticism. We are also one of the most famous servers in Germany!

With us you will find a great community and good roleplay plus a great support team. With over 7,000 registrations in 2 years, we are one of the largest German GTA RP servers.

We don’t focus on a single player or streamer. Only a GTA RP server that listens to its community can be successful – that’s our motto.

Website of FiveRP: click here


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