FiveM Server hitch warning

FiveM thread hitch warning FIX

Hi people of the FiveM universe,

today we talk about the problems with your server called

server thread hitch warning: timer interval of …
sync thread hitch warning: timer interval

server warnings
Seeing this in your server console? Then you got a problem!

What causes this?

In simple words: This error is caused by unoptimized scripts that take a huge time to load. The reasons can be different, however, we will give you some solutions you may try out. We know that FiveM Server hitch warnings are frustrating.

How to fix hitch warnings

There are multiple solutions you may try out, it really depends case-by-case.

1 – Check your server hardware

You need a server with a good CPU and RAM. Check your taskmanager if you still have enough CPU power, as well as RAM. Check the model of your CPU and see if it is compatible to FiveM and not too weak.

2 – Check scripts with server profile

Go to your txAdmin server console and type in:

profiler record 500 (then wait till its finished)
profiler save xyz (this will save a file)’
profiler view xyz

You will receive a link where you can check your resources ms time and see what script is exactly taking a long time to load. Open this link with Google Chrome.

3 – Disable/delete unoptimized scripts

You spotted the FiveM mod that is taking a huge time? That is causing these troubles? Then it’s time to optimize the script or delete it.

Just disable it via server.cfg or delete the folder. Or both.

Still not working?

Contact us for help and we will help you optimizing your server. Our support is there for you, do not worry.

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