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FiveM turns into a paid-scripts community

FiveM, the popular multiplayer mod for GTA 5, turns more and more into a paid-only-scripts community. More and more people provide their scripts for money, not for free anymore. As Tebex is now a new partner of FiveM, it will be harder for the ESX community to get free scripts.

No free scripts anymore?

Since the start of the partnership with Tebex, less (free) scripts have been uploaded to the FiveM resource directory. Users of FiveM criticize this behavior and the moderators get a lot of hate for it. We expect that less people will release free scripts for FiveM, as they now can earn money with this option to sell them over the online shop Tebex.

There are a lot of good free scripts to download from the official FiveM forums. A lot of people creating new scripts can be easily replaced with free, as some of the newer, paid ones, are just a rework of already existing ones. For example this doorlock resource isn’t much different from the esx_doorlock or b1g_doorlock. So: Think about twice buying.

Why developers can sell their scripts on

We offer FiveM developers to sell their scripts and maps on our webshop. The difference to the FiveM forums is clear: We, from ESX Scripts, offer a good platform to sell scripts and give an optimal support to their customers. We don’t take big fees and support sellers (and scripters) by sells and our website is the perfect place to sell FiveM scripts.

We work with many big developers and mappers, to give the best quality content to our customers. It is also easy to review products, share them easily, pay via different payment methods, and more.

Isn’t this copyright infringement against Rockstar?

This depends from case to case. It is copyright infringement to claim GTA as your game and sell ingame content that is build by Rockstar Games. But, in terms of the FiveM ToS, it is legal to sell ‘own user content creations’.

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