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Medical Scripts for FiveM: Our Top Picks!

Medical scenarios play a crucial role in adding depth and realism to GTA roleplay.

Hey there! Welcome to, the place to be for all your FiveM modding and scripting needs! In today’s awesome blog post, we’re gonna dive into some super cool medical scripts for FiveM. We’ve handpicked the best of the best, so get ready for an epic ride through the world of FiveM medical scripts. These bad boys will totally level up your roleplaying adventures! So buckle up and let’s check out some top-notch options to take your roleplaying experience to a whole new level. Let’s go!

The Crutch

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Performance: Our Crutch System is designed to run seamlessly on your server with minimal resource usage, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.
  2. Configurable Jobs: Tailor the experience to your server’s needs by configuring which jobs have the ability to provide crutches to patients, adding depth and authenticity to your medical RP.
  3. Usable Item: Implement a usable item that allows players to give crutches to patients, adding a dynamic element to your roleplay interactions.
  4. Customizable Duration: Set the maximum duration for which a character can use crutches, giving you control over the length of recovery periods.
  5. Export Functions: Our script includes export functions for opening the crutch give menu, making it easy to integrate into job menus and other server systems.
  6. Combat Restrictions: While using crutches, players are prevented from using weapons and sprinting at high speeds, creating a realistic and balanced gameplay experience.
  7. Persistence: If a player leaves and returns to the server, the system will restore their crutches, ensuring continuity in their roleplay experience.
  8. Player Death Handling: Crutches are automatically removed if a player dies, maintaining the integrity of your server’s roleplay environment.
  9. Animations and Props: Enjoy immersive animations and props that visually represent the use of crutches, adding depth to your roleplay scenarios.
  10. Framework Support: Our Crutch System seamlessly supports ESX, QBCore, or any custom framework you choose to add to the bridge, ensuring compatibility with your server setup.
  11. Comprehensive Documentation: We provide full documentation to guide you through the installation and customization process, making it easy for server owners and administrators to get started.

The Most Advanced Ambulance Job

When it comes to creating immersive and engaging emergency medical service (EMS) roleplay experiences in FiveM, the Advanced Ambulance Job script stands out as a game-changer. Designed with performance optimization in mind and packed with a wealth of features, this script takes your EMS roleplay to a whole new level of realism and excitement.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Performance: The Advanced Ambulance Job script is finely tuned to ensure it runs smoothly on your server, with a negligible impact on server performance. It boasts an impressive 0.0ms on idle, ensuring your players can enjoy lag-free roleplay.
  2. Treatment Requirement: Players must be treated for injuries they die from, or they will respawn with reduced health. EMTs are also rewarded less for untreated patients, adding a layer of realism and challenge to your EMS roleplay. (Configurable)
  3. Death Animation: Enjoy synchronized and persistent death animations, enhancing the immersion and realism of in-game deaths.
  4. Medical Bag: Equipped with a comprehensive set of medical instruments, the medical bag allows EMTs to treat various wounds, adding depth and authenticity to roleplay interactions.
  5. Animations and Props: Immerse yourself in the world of EMS with carefully crafted animations and props that enhance the roleplay experience.
  6. Working Stretchers: Transport injured patients with ease using functional stretchers, adding realism to your ambulance operations.
  7. Dispatch System: A built-in dispatch system simplifies communication and coordination for your EMS team, streamlining your roleplay experience.
  8. Ambulance Garage: Benefit from an integrated ambulance garage, complete with aircraft compatibility, ensuring your team has the tools they need for any situation.
  9. Integrated Invoices: Optional integration with esx_billing, Qbcore, or okokBilling, with the flexibility to add custom billing systems in the editable client.lua.
  10. Cloakroom: Choose between esx_skin and Wasabi’s fivem-appearance for the optional cloakroom feature, giving your EMS team the freedom to customize their appearance.
  11. Seamless Integration: Easily integrate your dispatch, phone, notifications, and inventory systems, with plenty of editable code to tailor the experience to your server’s needs.
  12. Phone Dispatch Support: Support for GKS Phone and qs-phone dispatch systems (Optional and editable), ensuring your EMS team can quickly respond to emergencies.
  13. Inventory Management: Option to clear a player’s inventory upon death, with support for various inventory systems, including ox_inventory, qb-inventory, mf-inventory, qs-inventory, and ESX.
  14. Anti-Combat Log: Prevent players from disconnecting while dead, ensuring a fair and balanced roleplay experience.
  15. Highly Configurable: The script offers extensive configuration options, allowing you to fine-tune the EMS roleplay experience to your liking.
  16. Multi-Hospital Support: Seamlessly operate across multiple hospitals, enhancing the reach and capabilities of your EMS team.
  17. Hospital Check-In: Configure hospital check-in procedures to add an extra layer of roleplay authenticity.
  18. Usable Medikits: Medics can administer medical aid to others and themselves, while civilians can heal themselves, promoting interactive roleplay scenarios.
  19. Usable Sedatives: Temporarily sedate players when necessary, with configurable settings to tailor the sedation experience.
  20. Boss Menu Access: Access a boss menu with optional compatibility for wasabi_multijob, granting administrators full control over the ambulance job.
  21. Complete Ambulance Job Replacement: The script serves as a comprehensive replacement for both esx_ambulancejob and qb-ambulancejob.
  22. Phone Distress Signal: Configure GKS/Quasar phone distress signals to disable the built-in dispatch system if desired.
  23. Carlock Compatibility: Compatible with Wasabi Carlock and qb-carlock, with the ability to add custom car lock events.
  24. Target Compatibility: Optional compatibility with qtarget, qb-target, and ox_target for enhanced targeting capabilities.
  25. Frequent Updates: Expect regular updates and additional features as the script continues to evolve and improve.

Eclipse Medical Tower (Hospital)

image 1

Are you ready to take your medical faction’s operations to new heights? Eclipse Medical Tower offers not one but three versions tailored to your favorite multiplayer platforms: FiveM, altV, and rageMP. With doorlock files included for added security, this impressive medical facility promises to elevate your roleplay experience like never before.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Platforms: Eclipse Medical Tower is available in three versions, ensuring compatibility with your preferred multiplayer platform—FiveM, altV, and rageMP. Choose the one that suits your server best!
  2. Spectacular Views: Perched in the heart of Vinewood Hills, Eclipse Medical Tower boasts breathtaking panoramic views, providing your medical faction with the ultimate backdrop for their operations.
  3. Versatile Interior: With numerous rooms and spaces, Eclipse Medical Tower offers a versatile interior layout that caters to a wide range of roleplay scenarios. Whether you need an emergency room, a surgery suite, or cozy patient recovery areas, this tower has you covered.
  4. Ideal for Medical Factions: Your medical faction will thrive in this state-of-the-art facility. Eclipse Medical Tower provides everything you need to create a realistic and immersive healthcare environment.
  5. Security Included: Doorlock files are included, allowing you to enhance the security of your medical tower and control access to different areas as needed.

Medical Tower You get 3 versions: FiveM, altV, rageMP Doorlock files included

Many rooms, best view to the Vinewood Hills.

Your medical faction will be happy to use this map.

The Medical Skelly System

Medical System

Package Details:

  1. Vital Signs Simulation: visn_are provides a detailed health simulation, including pulse, blood pressure, blood levels, and pain. Get ready for a roleplay experience like never before!
  2. Custom Game Objects: Immerse yourself in the roleplay with custom game objects like morphine syringes and bandages, enhancing the authenticity of your medical scenarios.
  3. Modern UI: A sleek, compact, and modern user interface ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  4. Comprehensive Body Simulation: Every area of the body is vulnerable, and any part can bleed and be stitched up if necessary. Dive into the intricacies of medical care with this detailed system.
  5. Infusion Options: Administer various infusions into circulation, such as morphine or epinephrine, to influence the health simulation and add depth to your roleplay.
  6. Accessible Medical Operations: You don’t have to be a medic to perform medical operations, allowing for dynamic roleplay scenarios.
  7. Activity History: Keep track of all actions performed with a clear activity history, ensuring precise record-keeping during roleplay situations.
  8. Atmospheric Sounds: Enhance the atmosphere with realistic sounds, including defibrillator noises, heartbeat sounds, and more, to fully immerse your players in the healthcare environment.
  9. Carrying Unconscious Individuals: Extend the roleplay possibilities by enabling players to carry unconscious individuals, adding a layer of realism to emergency situations.

The Advanced Roleplay Environment (visn_are) is more performant than ever, providing an unparalleled healthcare realism experience in your roleplay world. Dive into the world of vital signs, medical operations, and immersive healthcare scenarios like never before. Get ready to take your roleplay to the next level—download visn_are today and elevate your healthcare roleplay to new heights!

Do you like our collection?

From the Open Source Crutch System, which adds depth to recovery experiences, to the Advanced Ambulance Job, designed to provide the ultimate EMS roleplay, and Eclipse Medical Tower, offering a prestigious location for your medical faction, you have a wealth of options at your disposal.

And don’t forget the Advanced Roleplay Environment (visn_are), a standalone and highly performant health system that takes healthcare realism to a whole new level.

We hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights into these remarkable scripts and resources. Whichever one you choose to implement, you’re bound to enhance the immersive and realistic aspects of your FiveM server’s medical roleplay.

Now it’s time to take action and bring these incredible tools to life on your server:
Download, install, and customize these scripts to fit your server’s unique needs, and watch as your players become immersed in unforgettable medical roleplay scenarios.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of FiveM medical scripts and resources. Stay tuned for more updates, features, and exciting releases in the world of FiveM modding.

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