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Koil: How I Made $5 Million with FiveM (+ Interview)

Hi people. Most of you probably know me as koil (Mitchell Clout), the owner of

Today I want to share a personal story. I want to explain how I succeeded at making $5M in just 5 years of NoPixel. I will tell you how I successfully built the business plan, the server, but mainly the ways of income of Nopixel.

Koil, Mitchell Clout

How I built Nopixel

Well, it was kind of hard at the beginning, as the server was created in 2017 and had a total of 3 versions. The first step was to find a good developer because my skills were not really that good. But as the years went by, they improved, and I started coding too.

So I found Gabz for the maps, some dev called DW for developer-help (he even claimed a lawsuit against me cause he was jealous) and the work started. Our plan was to recruit as many big streamers as possible to generate the biggest income for each of us.

It took a tad over 2 months to construct the foundation of Nopixel. Along the way, we did encounter a few pesky bugs (Police job didn’t work well, for example), but when you add it all up, it came to a grand total of 2.5 months.

Ok, so let’s get go on with some words you might have heard:

Paid Whitelisting

So, if you’re wondering how Nopixel makes bank, let me spill the beans. Paid whitelisting is like their cash cow, no doubt about it. Back in the day, the price for the player was a steal at 15 bucks, then we upped it to 25, and now it’s a solid 35 bucks through the Nopixel Tebex store. That move? Pure genius.

I’m talking big bucks here, folks. In their prime, Nopixel was raking in a cool 1.5 million bucks a year from this hustle alone. Yeah, you heard me right – 1.5 million smackers. That’s some serious cash just for getting a VIP pass to the Nopixel world, which was mostly alive cause of big streamers. Which leads us to the next point of our list.

Paid Deals with Popular Streamers like xqc

So, here’s the deal: I decided to team up with some big-shot streamers like xQc, and I gotta say, it was a pretty sweet arrangement. These guys jumped into the Nopixel world and, well, let’s just say they weren’t complaining about it.

Now, as for the nitty-gritty details of how much cash I was shelling out to these streamer superstars, I’m gonna have to plead the fifth on that one. You see, it’s all locked up in those top-secret contracts, and I’ve had my fair share of headaches dealing with that stuff in the past. Trust me, it’s a real can of worms.

But here’s the beauty of it ÔÇô those streamers were making bank thanks to our little partnership, and they couldn’t get enough of Nopixel. It was a win-win situation, plain and simple. They were dishing out epic content to their loyal viewers, pulling in more eyeballs than you can shake a stick at, and building their own fanatical communities in the process. And you bet your bottom dollar they were dropping some not-so-subtle hints to their fans about joining Nopixel ÔÇô for a little green, of course. I mean, let’s be real, it’s all about the moolah in the end, isn’t it?

Priority Lanes

In our Nopixel Tebex store, we’ve implemented a unique feature designed to expedite your access to the server. But let’s be honest, most of the time, those priority joins aren’t really essential. It was during this realization that we decided to experiment with a clever strategy ÔÇô deliberately extending the wait times (mind you, purely artificially) as an incentive for our community members to show their support through payments. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a resounding success.

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, something remarkable happened. Our players became not just dedicated fans but enthusiastic contributors, eagerly parting with up to $500 each month. It’s astonishing how this decision enriched our community and propelled Nopixel to even greater heights.

This brilliant idea, which at first seemed daring, eventually paid off handsomely. It not only made us richer but also allowed us to invest more deeply in the Nopixel experience, ensuring a top-tier gaming environment for all. So, thanks to the dedication of our player base, we continue to thrive and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of online gaming.


Q: Congratulations on the remarkable success, Mitchell. Could you share with us how you managed your newfound wealth?
A: Thank you! Well, a substantial portion of the earnings found its way into the world of cryptocurrencies and, of course, securing a new, more spacious house for my family.

Q: Before venturing into Nopixel, what was your background?
A: Prior to Nopixel, my days were filled with a lot of chess and, like any casual gamer, gaming itself. If you’re referring to my employment history, it wasn’t particularly extensive.

Q: So, would it be fair to say you were unemployed?
A: I was often assisting my family, so it wasn’t as clear-cut as traditional employment, but you could say that, yes.

Q: It’s truly astonishing to go from being unemployed to a multimillionaire within just five years. Can you describe how this rapid transformation feels?
A: It feels good, really good.

Q: What’s on the horizon for you? Are there any exciting plans in the works, perhaps related to GTA 6?
A: Absolutely! I have plans to kickstart a GTA 6 roleplay project in the near future. It’s something I’m really enthusiastic about, although I must admit, it’s a bit of a secret at the moment!

Q: Well, Koil, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you for sharing your journey and insights with us.
A: Thank you for having me. Goodbye!

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Luke (Blogger)

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Hi, I'm Luke. ­čÖé I am a gamer and love to write about FiveM, GTA, and roleplay. I run a roleplay community and have about 10 years of experience in administering servers.

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