FivePD’s website is offline – Here is the reason

FivePD is a popular police role-playing game for the video game platform, Grand Theft Auto V. Recently, the website for the game went offline, leaving many players confused and frustrated. In this post, we will explore the reason behind the website’s outage and what players can expect in the future.

At the moment, there is also no official source for downloading FivePD AddOns. However, we are currently working on creating a platform for users to easily access and download these AddOns.

A video statement of BGHDDevelopment, a big FivePD developer

The game mode still works

The first thing to note is that the website’s outage is not related to any issues with the game itself. FivePD is still fully functional and can be played without any problems. The issue is specifically with the website, which serves as a hub for players to access information about the game, such as updates, rules, and community resources.

The developers have been working diligently to resolve the issue and bring the website back online. Meanwhile, the owner of the domain has released a statement:

Official statement of the owner

Dear Members and Staff, This is going to be a rather difficult announcement. Unfortunately, GTAPoliceMods will be closing its doors within the coming week, if not sooner. As much as it breaks me to write this announcement, I can no longer find the time to continue to oversee GPM’s management and operations. Over the past three years, I have dedicated every single day and hour to building the community that we have accomplished together. Unfortunately, given my current personal situation, which I will not be going over publicly, I can no longer afford to put in the time that I feel would be required to keep this community afloat. Even if I could find the time, we have also unfortunately lost some crucial key members of our Development/Head Development Team. Although I hold none of them responsible for this, in the end, we are all just unpaid volunteers doing this for fun for over three years; there wouldn’t be a way for us to continue providing all of you the service and commitment that we once could provide. Apart from this, I have been paying and keeping GTAPoliceMods afloat since the beginning of 2019; this includes the thousands of dollars it costs per year to keep our doors open, of course, with the help of VIP members. However, VIP funds do not cover even 20% of the cost to keep GPM afloat. As we continued to get bigger, more and more of my own personal funds had to be invested into GPM. I even had to pick up side jobs (ex: Uber, DoorDash, etc.) to keep GPM afloat. That aside, I want to thank all VIP members who helped contribute to keeping us afloat as long as I could personally afford it. Please know that I tried my best and gave it my best shot for over three years. Some of you may be thinking, what will happen to FivePD? I will await to hear from our development team, who have complete control over the project, regarding their intentions. As much as I would love to guarantee it becomes open source, released, or even fixed, I can not guarantee anything right now as I do not have direct control over the project. However, I would possibly expect some announcement(s) on this Discord server in the near future. To the Community Team, Development Team, and Management Team of GTAPoliceMods. Some of you have been here since GTAPoliceMods started in 2019. Some have been here for years, and others have been here for months. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and commitment to making GTAPoliceMods a place many could call home. I hope you understand that you helped build something truly unique. It would not be fair for me to name specific names; however, you know who you are, and please know that I am forever grateful for everything you have done. I hope your experience here at GPM has taught you life lessons that you can use in the real world. I also thank all of our prior staff members for their previous support, too. In conclusion, I once again thank all of our users for making GTAPoliceMods a place that many could call home. It truly has been amazing meeting many of you, sharing laughs, building friendships, and seeing other users develop friendships and build new communities due to GPM. I know this isn’t easy, and trust me, it isn’t easy for me, either. But, in the end, you should all take pride you were a part of something special. Something that was just an idea one summer day in 2019 that reimagined and made an impact on the GTA community. Lastly, I hope to communicate and see all of you again in the future, but for now, it is the end of this chapter. I wish all of you a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous life. I will forever cherish what we have all built together, and I genuinely appreciate all of you for everything. Thank you


In the meantime, players can still access important information about the game by visiting the YouTube channel “BGHDDevelopment” or the FivePD page of our website. These community resources will provide players with updates on the website’s status and any other important information they may need.

We are working on bringing the plugin back

It is worth noting that the FivePD developers are a small group of volunteer programmers who are dedicated to the game and its community. The website’s outage is an unfortunate incident, but it is important to remember that the developers are doing their best to resolve the issue and bring the website back online. Their dedication to the game and its community is evident in the continuous updates and improvements they make to FivePD.

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