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GoldCity RP (German Server)

Welcome to GoldCity, your ultimate experience on a FiveM RP (Roleplay) server where the real world meets fantasy.

In GoldCity, you have a wide range of jobs available, ranging from fishing and mining to police work and medicine. Players have the opportunity to write and experience their own unique stories, engaging in various ways within the city.

We offer a dedicated server infrastructure that supports up to 1000 players simultaneously, creating a vibrant and dynamic universe. To ensure a smooth and immersive experience, we utilize high-quality scripts and plugins.


Player Interactions: By interacting with other players, you can create your own story. Form gangs, make friendships, or simply enjoy city life.

Dedicated Community: Our passionate and dedicated community always strives for the best RP experience.

Economic System: Start as a regular citizen and work your way up to becoming a millionaire. In GoldCity, your effort determines your success.

Customizable Properties: From modest apartments to luxurious penthouses, anything is possible in GoldCity.

Stability: We take pride in offering a 24/7 online experience and strive to provide a seamless gameplay experience.

Competent Staff Team: Our team of experienced moderators and administrators is always ready to assist and ensure fair and respectful gameplay.

GoldCity is more than just a game – it’s an experience, a community, and a place where you can tell your story. Whether you’re an experienced RP player or a newcomer, we invite you to be part of our vibrant community and live your story in GoldCity.

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