GTA 5 Roleplay: How to play

The game “Grand Theft Auto V” is still one of the most popular games among gamers and that all over the world. It is one of the top 10 games of today. Los Santos is still visited by a huge number of gamers every day. However, many players have long since stopped enjoying only the single-player campaign or the regular online multiplayer mode; instead, they play roleplay on modified servers.

GTA 5 Roleplay

What’s the deal with role-playing in GTA Online?

The map of GTA V (Los Santos) is huge and diverse, and once you’ve played through the story, you won’t want to leave the world again. So what we are left with is the regular online mode, but this makes exploring rather difficult, most players are out for a ruckus there, you rarely get any peace and quiet. You are always exposed to chaos. And the only goal of the game? To rake in as much money as possible. But GTA offers so much more.

Things are different on so-called roleplay servers. For gamers who expect more depth than just one heist mission after another, the modified servers are perfect. On RP servers, it’s all about the story, YOUR story.

You decide who you are and what goals you want to achieve during your time on the roleplay server. No matter if you want to be a friendly policeman, a rich macho or an aggressive criminal. There are no limits on an RP server.

For whom is the GTA role-playing game suitable?

As mentioned before, for an RP server you should be particularly story-driven. This means you should celebrate the story in a game the most out of everything, and you don’t have to have excessive carnage or unnecessary destruction. It is also especially important that you can communicate well and have no problem interacting and talking with other players that are strangers to you. The most important thing is to stay in character the entire time.

Important: Behave as realistically as possible

Serious accidents in GTA 5 often have only a minor effect on your character. A car hits you or you fall from a higher ledge? In normal gameplay you lose some health, get back up and continue running as usual. In role-playing games, you should recreate the events as authentically as possible.

Shout angrily, crouch on the ground injured or pretend to be unconscious. Complain about the damage to property, call an ambulance, the police or arrange for a garage visit if your own car was damaged. If you cannot reach an agreement with the parties involved in the accident, initiate legal proceedings, consult a lawyer and appear in court.

Always be creative and flexible. Always think about how you would act or react if the same thing happened to you in real life. As you become more experienced, you can take on new personas – for example, roles that don’t reflect your character in real life. Or you can choose a character you’ve always wanted to be. That’s when it starts to get really fun.

How to install the GTA 5 Roleplay mod?

If you want to participate in GTA V roleplaying, you’ll need to install different mods depending on the server.

The most widespread mod in the RP community is “FiveM”. With this mod you can play on almost every RP server.

To install the mod, you need to download it first. Use this link to download it:

After clicking on the download button and a successful download, you only have to follow the instructions and finally run the FiveM.exe.

GTA V should be up to date.

How to join a GTA Roleplay server

Now you need  to choose a server you’d like to join. Important: Read the rules of the server community! Mostly the rules are like: “Always stay in your role” and “No unnecessary violence should be used”. If you have agreed to the rules, there is often an application to fill out (FiveM whitelist), so you can usually only get on the desired server after acceptance by the server admin.

The steps seem to be a bit exaggerated, but they are essential for a good interaction on the RP servers. No one wants to deal with trolls here who ruin the fun of the game.

Ever wanted to play a role you never could? Now you can. With the mod it’s possible to play anything you like. It is really amazing to be able to play as cop (for example)!

No. Roleplay mods are only available on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Download FiveM to start.

To create an own GTA Roleplay server, you need to follow some steps. Check out our tutorial on that.

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