GTA RP Roleplay Rules and Terms – Stay in character


If you’re new to Grand Theft Auto RP, we have some basic rules that will help you get familiar with our server. These rules are in place to ensure everyone has a good time and stays safe.

Stay In Character

Keep in mind that GTA RP is a roleplay server, and as such, players must remain in character at all times. If you want to speak out of character (OOC), use /ooc before your message.

Roleplay is when you play a character, not yourself. So stay in character! Ever seen an actor grab a coffee in the middle of a shootout? If you are in a role-playing game, it is important not to leave your role. There are many other rules that you should follow to make the gameplay feel as real as possible and to make the experience authentic for all players.


No player should be put in a hopeless situation by another.

Thus, each player has the opportunity to decide how to behave, defend himself or save his life. This should prevent dominant gameplay of individual players, the roleplay is a little more balanced.


Roleplay is about behaving as realistically as possible.

No cars may be steered in the air, after an accident it is not allowed to “simply” crawl out of the overturned car. Even if the game’s engine allows it, it shouldn’t be done. Many injuries need treatment before you just keep running after you’ve just been shot in the leg. Of course, it is difficult to trade 100% “real” all the time.

What is Gambo Gameplay?

Excessive, disproportionate or unnecessary use of firearms and shooting.

It’s unrealistic to just pull your gun everywhere on the side of the road in everyday life and shoot wildly through the area. Depending on the server, this is sometimes more or less welcome.

Did you know already? Weapons and money cannot be transferred from character to character, but cars can.

What does IC and OOC mean?

ic = in character, ooc = out of character

Actor (out of character) is not the same as role (in character). Even if a role says a lot about the character of the player, one should never confuse the two. In real life, who would shoot down everyone who comes next?

What is “Scripted RP”?

Collusion between players regarding game behavior or events outside of the game that is unfair or unrealistic.

What happens in Los Santos stays in Los Santos. If you want to play with friends, you can just let your acquaintance flow into your character story. Joint gameplay is of course allowed.

What does value life mean in roleplay? Do never, ever, act like you can lose your life and “just respawn”. This it not roleplay. Under no circumstances should you risk your life willfully or without reason during the game if the course of the story does not allow it. Your character’s life should be protected at best unless the RP situation doesn’t allow otherwise, e.g. in a gang fight or because your role is a very loyal mafia member who dies for his brothers.

What is metagaming?

Using situations or opportunities outside of the game to gain an in-game advantage or information (e.g., watching what they’re doing on another player’s stream).

Wikipedia: “Metagame, hypergame, or game about the game is an approach to a game that goes beyond or works beyond the prescribed rules of the game, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the boundaries or environments set by the game.”

Important terms in GTA RP:

  • Solstice/Blackout = Server is restarting
  • Move muscle = press button
  • Lie down for a moment = restart the game
  • Go to sleep = go offline
  • I am hungry/Dizziness/Nausea = low HP
  • Headaches = connection problems, low fps (frames per second)

Acting against the roleplay storyline is considered meta-gaming.

We do not tolerate this in GTA RP, unless you’re a criminal breaking into someone’s house or killing someone for no reason. Remember that the roleplay storyline is vital for everyone’s enjoyment.

We consider roleplay to be the main focus of GTA RP, and it’s what makes us unique. The roleplay storyline is what keeps the server alive, it’s what makes GTA RP fun and exciting, and it’s what keeps our community together.

By roleplaying with friends and family teammates, you do not get any special privileges. You are still bound by all of the rules in this list and should follow them for your own sake as well as that of the other players.

Roleplaying with friends and family members does not mean that you cannot be punished for breaking these rules! If you are found to have violated any of these rules when playing with a friend or family member, they have every right to report your behavior on our forums and/or chat logs (if they have them). We take all reports seriously regardless of what kind of relationship the player had before their report was filed.

Do not join the police force if you have previously been arrested in your current session.

If you have been arrested in a previous session, you may not join the police force. The same applies to criminals who have been arrested: they cannot join the police force. If an officer is killed or commits suicide, they are removed from the roster and cannot return until their next shift comes around.

Similarly, if a criminal is killed or commits suicide, they are removed from the roster and cannot return until their next shift comes around.

Act like in real life.

If a police officer asks you to bring your vehicle to the impound lot, you must do so.

If you are arrested or are a criminal, you must go to the police station. You cannot drive your vehicle on the street when it is impounded. If a police officer asks you to bring your vehicle to the impound lot, you must do so.

Roleplay rules are there for everyone to have fun on our server

The roleplay rules are there to make sure everyone has fun. They’re also there to keep the server clean, safe, and fun for all players. They’re not just there for you: they’re there for everyone on the server.


And that’s all there is to it! Just make sure you’re in character, and you’ll be good to go. If you have any questions about the roleplay rules, feel free to ask an admin or a moderator. We will be happy to answer them right away.

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