Everything we know about GTA VI

The time has finally come: We have opened our subpage for the new GTA game: VI.
From now on you will find the latest information about GTA 6 here!

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GTA 6 Logo Concept
GTA 6 logo concept made by u/Hosia12

Confirmed information about the game

Dear community, the time has finally come: We have opened our subpage for the new GTA game: VI.
From now on you will find the latest information about GTA 6 here!

All information that you can find here on this page has been compiled with the greatest care and is based on the leaks. However, Rockstar Games may change individual things.

GTA 6 city
The game itself is taking place in Vice City, a fictional version of Miami (Florida).

Confirmed so far

  • Main protagonists: Lucia (female), Jason (male)
  • GTA:VI has been in developement since 2014 (approx.)
  • Mountains/hillsides are confirmed for the game.
  • Swamps are confirmed
  • Weight mechanic is back (similar to Red Dead Redemption 2)
  • Weapon skill levelling
  • Heavy fog (new weather effects)
  • GTA IV Euphoria ragdoll physics
  • Eagle Eye
  • New UI (more interaction with environmental objects and NPCs)
  • Loot Bags
  • Gumballs from Gumball Machine
  • You can carry bodies
  • New camera perspectives
  • Grappling in fist-fights
  • World Events: Playing Dice, Museum, UFO, SkunkApe, Cop Patdowns, fishing
  • Warehouse Sex Robots (lol)
  • Several kinds of animals (Alligators for example)
  • Body shops, cafes, closing stores, bulk storages
  • Pawn shops (you can buy and sell several items there, easy money!)
  • Several mysteries, including UFOs, Bonnie and Clyde, Lost at Sea

New weapons

A video clip of Lucia at a gas station (from the GTA 6 leaks) features several lines of text that indicates multiple new items and weapon options:

  • Speargun
  • Bolt Action Sniper
  • Gold Wedge
  • Golf Iron
  • Golf Driver
  • Cut-Off Tool
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Flashbang Grenade
  • Golf Ball
  • Tracker Jammer
  • Immobilizer Bypass
  • USB Drive
  • Auto Dialer
  • Lockpick
  • Binoculars
  • Slim Jim

About the GTA:VI leaks

We have seen the leaks, but as Rockstar Games (and TakeTwo) takes down every page and/or material about it, we decided to not share them. In addition, it is important to add that this material is at a very early stage of development!

Please do not share any video-material or pictures of the leaks, as you might receive a DMCA takedown requested by the publishers.

Frequently asked questions

There is currently no confirmed date. Analysts expect the year 2024 to 2025.

In Vice City (confirmed).

For now (December 2022) preordering is not possible yet.

We expect a trailer to be dropped by 2023.

Once a trailer has been published, we will post it on this page. Follow the Rockstar Newswire if you want to be one of the first seeing the trailer.

A bigger map than GTA 5?

The map size of GTA 6 might be huge, as a Reddit user (u/ChurchofGTA) has ligned up the coordinates from the leaks and overlayed it with the GTA 5 map.

We expect the GTA 6 map to be double-sized (in comparison to GTA:V)!

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