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GTA:VI releasing with a roleplay gamemode – Rumor or reality?

What is Rockstar Games planning for GTA 6? GTA RP is one of the most popular streaming categories on Twitch, even though GTA V is already eight years old. But streamers and YouTubers like xQc keep entertaining their fans with their streams about GTA RP. Thus, there are numerous German GTA RP servers that fans can also join. The GTA RP servers of the streamer stars have tougher access criteria, but players of all kinds can get access there as well.

The rumors about Grand Theft Auto: VI continue to grow. It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but we can assume that the next GTA part will be set in Vice City (Miami). This makes many fans happy, because Vice City is a well-known city. But how likely is it that the game will have a roleplay mode?

GTA Roleplay is booming on FiveM and Twitch

In the age of the Internet and livestreams, roleplay has become more and more popular. Many years ago, there were already roleplay servers and projects dedicated to roleplaying, such as in Arma 3 or GTA: San Andreas (MTA/SA:MP) – but GTA RP on Twitch enjoyed particular popularity. Could this be the deciding factor in Rockstar possibly running their own roleplay servers?

The point is: Roleplay opens up new possibilities – for game manufacturers and the players themselves. And: The market is there. People are interested in it. It’s not for nothing that RP communities like FiveRP have become so big. The publisher Rockstar would have the means and possibilities. But will he use them? We wait and remain curious.

GTA has always been a shooter. Satire, drugs, violence – even murder. But roleplay is not only about violence. It’s about these things too, but there are some RPers who want to stay away from violence in roleplay, like doctors or reporters, etc.

We think that Rockstar could really use the opportunity here: Roleplayers. The online mode of GTA appeals to the masses – with an increasing number of players in the RP area, Rockstar could also benefit from this. The resources are there, and Rockstar as one of the biggest game developers could use them to offer a platform for roleplay. And with GTA 6, maybe even without third-party clients like FiveM!

Will Rockstar try a new mode: Roleplay?

So it remains to be seen whether GTA 6 will come with roleplay mode. It is definitely possible that Rockstar Games will take advantage of the increasing popularity of the online role-playing game. But what is fact: GTA 6 will offer roleplay – because other third-party platforms, as well as other developers, will work on using GTA 6 for roleplay.

One more thing that we should not forget: Console gamers would benefit from a Roleplay mode from Rockstar, since Roleplay can thus only be played on the PC. Let’s hope for the best!

Maybe a Battle Royale mode?

Rockstar Games could also start a battle royale mode like Fortnite or PUBG. Playing with others to fight for the king of the hill. The responses under the post are limited, but they are all the more detailed. MYNAMEISHENDRIK” writes that he is impressed by the information about GTA 6 and that everything seems plausible. Adding a Battle Royale mode to GTA 6 Online seems like a logical step for Rockstar Games, according to the user. Others think that the leaks about GTA 6 are just too good to be true.

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