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Welcome to Highlife Roleplay where our top priorities are player experience and server performance.

HighLife Roleplay is an established community with over 200,000 members. As a serious roleplay server with a balanced economy, powerful anti-cheat system, active staff, and a variety of job and character opportunities, we offer improved immersion over other online servers.

Our server is built on player feedback. We have an active feedback channel with over 1,000 closed articles, allowing all players to voice concerns, submit ideas, and weigh in on server updates that are important to the community.

At HighLife, you have a chance to meet new people, make friends, and be whoever you want to be.

Rules of Highlife

These are the rules in which Highlife works from. They are essential in ensuring proper, fair and constructive roleplay. If you have any queries then please contact a member of staff to clarify. You may be asked by staff to cite the fruit at points during your time here – it is hidden in this document.

This section will detail some words and terms you may come across whilst partaking in roleplay, or ‘RP’. For a list of in-character terminology click this! Please ensure you understand these terms as none of the following are permitted within Highlife RP.

  • PregnancyRP: Roleplaying that you are pregnant.
  • OOC: Out of character. Speaking in a real life context.
  • VigilanteRP: You cannot take ‘crime fighting’ into your own hands. 
  • Powergaming: Roleplaying with mechanics / abilities that do not exist.
  • SuicideRP: Tweeting or messaging services you’re going to kill yourself to initiate RP.
  • Cop Baiting: Intentionally enticing law enforcement into any form of RP, i.e a vehicle chase.
  • Lootboxing: Searching and taking the majority of a person’s belongings without logical RP reason.
  • FearRP: Fear for your life. You must value your life and RP any fear as you would have it in real-life.
  • Value of Life: This rule is similar to FearRP in the sense that you should act in a way that values your life and welfare.
  • ShitRP: Roleplay which is not of a quality to allow others to be able to interact with a person or situation constructively.
  • FailRP: A broad term but is generally when a player does something which in the real world wouldn’t be considered by most.
  • HitmanRP: To engage in a transaction in which money, goods, or services are traded in exchange for the death or injury of another player.
  • RDM: Random Deathmatch. Attempting to kill or killing another player with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reason.
  • VDM: Vehicle Deathmatch. Using a vehicle as a weapon in an attempt to injure or kill another player with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reason.
  • Gunplay over Roleplay: To resort to shooting / killing with little roleplay reason, rather than attempting to create or continue any meaningful interaction.
  • NLR: New life rule. When you are downed and respawn OR if admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) you forget the events that led up to that point.
  • GTA Driving: Driving off-road in an unsuitable vehicle / bike, using jumps, driving at ridiculous speeds through the city for no good reason etc.
  • Combat Logging: Exiting the server in an attempt to avoid combat, player interaction, danger or death. If you involve yourself in a situation, you must see it through entirely. You may not disconnect within 10 minutes of illegal activities.
  • Metagaming: The act of using information received outside the bounds of your character in-game to benefit your roleplay / character’s knowledge, where otherwise they would have no knowledge of such information.

Our top priorities are player experience and server performance.

HighLife is an established community with over 200,000 unique players. As a serious roleplay server with a balanced economy, powerful anti-cheat system, active staff, and a variety of job and character opportunities, we offer improved immersion over other online servers.

Our server is built on player feedback. We have an active feedback channel with over 1,000 closed articles, allowing all players to voice concerns, submit ideas, and weigh in on server updates that are important to the community.

At HighLife, you have a chance to meet new people, make friends, and be whomever you want to be.

What is “Roleplay” or “RP”?

To keep it very simple: Roleplay is the ability to create a character different from the reality. The character and its backstory is for you to decide and would be accepted as long as it follows the Highlife Roleplay guidelines and terms.

How to connect to the server?

We will always recommended connecting to the server through your F8 console in FiveM, to do this follow the steps below;

  1. On the FiveM main menu, press F8
  2. Type “ connect playhigh.life“ in the text bar and press ENTER
  3. Press F8 to close the console and click on “PLAY NOW” when the button appears

How to get started in the city?

So you’ve just landed in the city of Los Santos and wondering what to do next..

You’ll probably want an easier way to get around instead of running, from any of the garages you can grab yourself a BMX (or any other bike) for $100! You’ll get that money back when you return it to another garage.

If this is your first time here, you’ll have $8000 to spend where you like.

How to get your driving licenses?

Now before you head straight for an Ammunation you’re going to need to get your driving licenses.

Well you could get a gun, go and try some “criminal activities” but if that goes wrong, you’ll be picking fruit for a long time!

Head over to the DMV and get started on your new career.

Take your time, you’ll need to pass your Theory Test and then onto the practical driving.

It might be worth reading through the below text before you start and getting yourself familiar with the roads of Los Santos.

The roads of Los Santos can lead to adventure, but at times can land you into trouble. Please pay careful attention to this information slide which should shed some light on the test questions that follow.

In general the speed limit of the city roads is 40mph, this is to keep pedestrians and other road users safe during their day to day travels. It is important when driving through areas with high levels of pedestrians on foot that you slow down and be cautious of your surroundings. The highways you are permitted to travel at speeds of up to but not exceeding 70mph but be sure to remain diligent at all times.

If you do happen to be approached from behind by a police vehicle with their lights and or sirens active then please pull over to the side of the road at the next available opportunity and wait for the officer to approach the vehicle. You may be asked at this time to turn off your engine, please do so to save any further issues. Likewise if you can see any emergency vehicle approaching with lights and or sirens even if not to conduct a traffic stop please give way to them where possible.

Certain motorsport vehicles and vehicles that are not specifically designed for road use are not permitted for general travel within the city limits/general city roads and highways. An example of this are vehicles such as dirt bikes (sanchez for example), go karts, golf carts etc. Use these in suitable locations, i.e riding a dirt bike to travel around sandy especially around areas of rough terrain. Use of these types of vehicles on unsuitable roads such as the city center could result in the vehicle being impounded.

Best of luck with your practical tests and safe travels.

You’ll want to start with the Driving Test and then move onto the Commercial Test.

Once you pick the test, your vehicle will be delivered to the rear of the DMV, shown in the screenshot. Walk up to the vehicle and press “U” to unlock the doors. Get in and you’re ready to take your test.

This vehicle delivery process is the same for all of the delivery jobs in Los Santos.

  1. Visit the job location
  2. Find the starting blimp
  3. Start job and find work vehicle from GPS
  4. Press U to unlock your vehicle
  5. Complete job and return to start

Starting your first job

There’s a handful of delivery jobs around that city that you can jump into once you’ve got your commercial license.

If it’s your first time in the city, we’d suggest staying clear of RON until you’re familiar with driving around. That big tanker on the back of your truck tends to explode if you’re not used to it!

How to buy a phone

You’ll notice that when you press “Y” to open your phone nothing will appear when you first join this city. This is because the “Cell Phone” is an item you’ll need to purchase from Digital Den, shown in the screenshot below. From here you’ll be able to purchase a Flashlight, GPS and the mysterious Darknet Sim Card – what that does you’ll have to find out talking to people in the city!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m tired of waiting in queue. How can I get into the server faster?

Where is Server 2?

We now use one 300 player city, meaning more slots and more services active at all times.

How do I contact an admin/staff member?

If it’s something that has happened while playing, press F1 and fill out the report form, this will be the quickest way to contact a staff member. From there you can join “Waiting for Staff” under the “Staff Related” section on discord.

How can I get unbanned?

You’ll need to fill out a ban appeal in the #ban-appeals section on discord. Be sure to read the pinned message at the top of the channel and follow all the steps.

Where do I report a bug?

This is where the GitHub portal can be used, follow this link – https://github.com/Jarrrk/HighLife/issues – and create an account on the website, from there follow the steps and be sure to keep to the format provided.

I can’t hear anybody/nobody can hear me. How can I fix this?

The first thing to check is your FiveM settings, turn your voice chat on and off while checking the input device. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to type “/fix_voice” in the game chat bar. It’s always best to relog after you’ve done this, but should be good to go afterwards. If this still isn’t working jump in the “Waiting for Help” channel in discord and someone will be with you when they’re free.

Can I use multiple accounts to connect to the server?

No, this will give you an instant ban from the server. One account per player.

How do I clear my FiveM cache?

We recommend watching this guide – https://youtu.be/9_63Xrrsdgg

Do I need a recording software to report rule-breakers?

While the server does have logs for most things, we always ask you to have some kind of recording software to show your point of view. There’s many different options from Shadowplay to Medal, do the research and find out which one works for you.

I’m dead and no EMS/PD has come to me. What do I do?

If there’s no EMS online, after your 10minute timer has run out, you can press E to spawn at the nearest hospital, this is called “taking the local doctor”.

My vehicle disappeared. How do I find it?

Theres a couple of places in the city to check if you cant find your personal vehicles, this is the Insurance and Impound.

My bank account shows a negative amount. What does that mean?

The main causes of this would be when youre fined by the LSPD in the cells or driving around and collecting speeding fines with a low balance, those small amounts will add up if youre driving through the city centre.

How long do compensations take to be paid out

These will be paid out once an Admin+ goes through the list and confirms all the details for every post. To ensure this is done efficiently, make sure you follow all the guidance at the top of the channel on how to make a compensation. Posting duplicates will only slow it down.

Can I use GTAV modpacks?

Yes, visual modpacks are allowed in the city. Highlife has it’s own one which you can find in the #mod-pack channel on discord. If your unsure about the one you have, ask for confirmation in the #support channel.

Server Rules

  1. You must speak and understand English well, and have a working microphone.
  2. You cannot have any 3rd party software that assists in the use of aiming weapons.
  3. Highlife is not a Cops vs Robbers server, your RP cannot be constantly about police interaction.
  4. Unless speaking with a member of staff, in-game communication should always be in character.
  5. Terrorism related roleplay is not permitted.
  6. Your Steam name and in-game name cannot contain offensive language / terminology in any language or icons / emojis.
  7. Do not use real world currency to buy in-game money or assets. We are an economy server and do not promote pay-to-play.
  8. Treat staff with respect. Staff are there to ensure everyone’s experience in Highlife is fun, fair and enjoyable. Their decision is final.
  9. After respawn / ICU, you cannot be ‘reminded’ by other players about what happened in order to seek revenge on the parties involved in the situation.
  10. When around other players, anything said through 3rd party communications must also be spoken in-game. This includes being in police custody, taken hostage, robbed etc.
  11. Do not go AFK whilst in-game, anything that happens whilst you are gone is your own responsibility. If you find an AFK player then whilst it is their own responsibility do not mess with them.
  12. If you are actively developing, helping develop or in a position of influence on another server in any way you cannot hold a whitelist role. Failure to mention or ignoring this rule is an immediate unappealable ban.
  13. The name you give to your character must be one that makes sense and be clearly identifiable as being a first and last name. Random strings of characters (such as ‘Gjasbkbaa Husaguaa’) or having a first name that could not be considered a real first name (such as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Hello’) is not allowed. You can not have names or surnames similar in spelling or speech for your alternate RP characters, i.e. Brian and Bryan Smith.
  14. Derogatory remarks, words, references etc (whether in RP / OOC / Discord) regarding race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, sexual assault / rape, etc. will not be tolerated. This policy is to conform to the guidelines of various streaming and media platforms, and also to prevent misuse of these terms by players.
  15. A player is entitled to a total of 3 whitelisted points. LSPD, EMS, LSLD, Mechanic and Dynasty8 are considered a full whitelist role. Mechanic Shop Assistant, Weazel News, Vanilla Unicorn, Downtown Cab Co, Diamond Casino, Ghost Records are worth 0.5 points, a management position in gooseberry any of these jobs will also be considered as full whitelisted job.
  16. The “10-99” expression is to be used by staff that are dealing with a staff situation while in dispatch to not break character – it is not to be used by non-staff members and is not a “get out of jail free card” when a situation is perceived by one side to be a “staff situation”.
  17. Calling Jarrrk or Coops the ‘mayor’, ‘governor’, ‘president’ or any other similar terminology may result in a ban.

In-Game Rules

  1. You cannot roleplay rape / sexual assault.
  2. You cannot camp illegal or job sell locations for robbery purposes.
  3. You cannot pull a gun on someone who is already holding you at gunpoint.
  4. You cannot clock on as a job and conduct illegal activities at the same time.
  5. You cannot post phone numbers on Twitter, this would not be done in real life.
  6. You cannot clock in as any whitelisted job within 30 minutes of criminal activity.
  7. You cannot use /twt to advertise the illegal sale of items like drugs, weapons, locations etc.
  8. You cannot interfere with an on-going robbery / hostage situation unless originally part of it.
  9. When in a situation with Police / EMS, you cannot respawn unless specifically allowed to do so.
  10. You cannot force EMS to revive someone or force them to take a person to the hospital to survive.
  11. You cannot use any fast travel / teleport into a property or location, including Cayo Perico, during an active pursuit scenario.
  12. Locations cannot be freely disclosed on the darknet. You must exchange information in person or text message to another player.
  13. If you ‘down’ a person then you should not hang around their body. Your main priority would be to make an escape / get out the area.
  14. You may impersonate police, but you cannot take money from people for ‘fines’. At least 3 Officers, green status, must be online to maintain this line of RP.
  15. Anything said through 3rd party communications must be spoken in-game and are facilitated through your cell phone. If it is taken, or you do not have one, you should not use any 3rd party communications. You cannot use 3rd party communications when ‘down’.
  16. You cannot steal emergency vehicles unless there are at least 3 Officers, green status. This includes, but is not limited to, police vehicles, EMS vehicles, and firetrucks.
  17. If you are involved in a police chase:
  18. You cannot use a garage to store or swap a vehicle.
  19. You may only store your vehicle and change your clothing 10 minutes after losing the police.
  20. You cannot have others interfere with the chase, such as setting up an ambush to kill officers on arrival, ram into police vehicles or . If roleplayed correctly, you are allowed to have a friend waiting for you to ditch your car and try to make an escape in their vehicle.
  21. You cannot repair a vehicle whilst being actively pursued in a chase scenario.
  22. You cannot call any services (Police / EMS / Mechanic / Taxi etc.) with the intention to rob / kidnap them. You must find them naturally.
  23. When your health bar reaches zero, you are classed as ‘down’. When receiving medical treatment you should be accurate to the injuries you have sustained.
  24. You should always value your life when operating a vehicle. This means you should not drive through the city at excessive speed as this would be severely endangering your life for no real purpose.
  25. You cannot demand that services Tweet any specific phrase or statement from their employer’s Twitter account in order to preserve the safety of themselves or others. This rule would have no impact on bribery or mutual agreements in exchange for a Twitter message.

Situational Rules

Bank/Store Robberies

  1. You cannot use a friend as a hostage in any situation.
  2. You cannot take any vehicles inside of a bank / store during a robbery.
  3. When committing a bank or store robbery, a maximum of 4 people are allowed. This number increases to 8 for the Union Depository, including of getaway driver(s) and spotter(s). Hostages do not count towards these totals.
  4. Store robberies cannot have outside help, all parties involved must be inside the building.
  5. Bank robberies cannot have outside help, with the exception of a single getaway driver outside.
  6. You cannot use /twt to warn the police about hostages or not to come close etc.
  7. You cannot initiate a bank robbery 30 minutes or less before a scheduled server restart.

Robbing/Holding Up Another Player

  1. You cannot kill a compliant person during a robbery.
  2. You cannot take someone to a bank / ATM to withdraw money.
  3. When robbing a player there should be logical RP reasoning for doing so. Such as your character knows the player is in possession of an item your character needs. This means you should only take items relevant to the situation i.e. not blindly clearing their pockets of all items.
  4. You cannot rob or kidnap the same player more than once in a 3-hour period. If robbing or kidnapping as a group, this rule applies to everyone in the group. 
  5. You can not initiate a robbery on an individual who is in any kind of menu (Clothing, Hair, Tattoo, Plastic Surgery). This rule does not apply if the robbery was initiated before they entered the interface (e.g. if they ran into a clothing store after you initiated a robbery).
  6. There must be at least 3 LSPD members online to hold up an officer. You are allowed to rob / loot their items ONLY if legitimate, good/logical roleplay has taken place prior and you have good roleplay intent, you cannot rob police for the sole purpose of taking their equipment.
  7. There must be at least 2 officers online to be able to hold up a player. An exception to this rule is at an illegal location. Due to the nature of the area you are in you may always be robbed. Places deemed illegal locations are as follows; drug locations, the scene of an exchange / sale of items deemed illegal within the city, money laundering.
  8. Note: The Casino and Chop Shop are not considered illegal locations. You cannot rob people at them unless two cops are online.

Looting a Player/Being Looted

  1. When looting someone, you should not hang around the body for any longer than is necessary.
  2. You cannot loot another player if you were not involved in the initial situation.

Taking Hostage/Kidnapping

  1. You cannot hold a hostage for longer than 30 minutes, this is deemed discouraging and unfair.
  2. You cannot request money in exchange for a hostage, a hostage should be used as a ‘bargaining chip’.
  3. If you wish to kidnap a Police Officer / EMS there must be at least two online in addition to the one you are kidnapping (green status).
  4. There must be at least 2 officers online to kidnap a player, this does not apply if legitimate, good/logical roleplay has taken place prior and you have good roleplay intent. This doesn’t allow you to kidnap someone because they crashed into your vehicle earlier.

Streaming Rules

  1. Unless you have the client’s expressed permission, Dynasty 8 should not stream whilst clocked in.
  2. Streaming while in Staff channels is not allowed due to the sensitive and private information being discussed.

How to Contact a Member of Staff

In the event you believe someone has broken Highlife rules, you should remain calm and under no circumstances take the situation into your own hands. Please follow the below procedure to ensure you get assistance quickly and effectively.

  • When possible, try to note the overhead ID number of the other party you have an issue with. This assists staff in tracking down the alleged offending party.
  • Check if staff are available in-game. You can do this by pressing ‘Z’ and looking for “Staff Online” in the top left of your display. If staff are online then press ‘F1’ to begin submitting a report. Staff will see this report and if available look into it. Where necessary staff will make contact with you to try and assist in resolving your issue. If you have received no communication and had expected to then we advise moving to Discord.

Note: Spamming the F1 report function will result in a ban.

  • Once in Discord you should join the voice channel titled ‘Waiting for Staff’. Any available staff members will come and assist you with your problem.
  • We cannot guarantee Staff to be available around the clock so if after a reasonable amount of time you have had no assistance then your next option is to report your issue into the #support channel detailing your situation and the person you have had an issue with. This will allow Staff to review the report when they next become available.

Contact staff

How to contact a member of staff: In the event that someone breaks any rules or you have ran into an immediate issue, you should look to get in contact with a member of staff. There is a procedure you should follow to get help quickly and effectively. When possible, try to note the over-head ID of the person you have had an issue with, you can do this by pressing the Z key and looking at the ID above the head of the player in question, this is essential in making sure we can track who broke the rules – do not worry if you cannot get the problem player ID as typically staff can find this in most situations. Additionally, once you have the ID number, press F1 and create either an issue or player report, once done you should move to the ‘Waiting for Staff’ channel in discord and speak to a member of staff Once in Discord you should join the voice channel #deleted-channel. Any staff members online will see you and come and assist you with your problem. Staff are not always available 24/7 around the clock so if you wait for a reasonable amount of time and no staff member comes to your aid then you should post in the #deleted-channel channel detailing your situation, the issue you’ve had, and the person who you’ve had the issue with. Staff will then review the information when they become available and take the appropriate action. Tagging founders with little to no reason will get you muted. There is an explicit ‘No moaning’ policy enforced in this discord. Behavior or content directly associated with you in conflict to the rules, or the Discord ToS is grounds for a warning, mute, kick or ban at the discretion of staff. For business enquires email us at: admin@highliferoleplay.net

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