How to add value to your players

How to add value to your players

Are you working on a server project and don’t really know how to get players who remain on your server? Then this article might be helpful for you. Just because you’re running a private hobby project doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about attracting new players (that is, marketing).

Offer unique gaming content

In order for people to stay on your server, you have to offer them something unique. That can be many things, and at best it should differ from other servers. For example, if you run a Minecraft project, you should offer unique gameplay features. Even if you are on FiveM, the more content there is on your server, the better for your FiveM server. Of course, you can orientate yourself to others – and let yourself be inspired. However, you should definitely refrain from copying it 1:1. Ask yourself: what makes you different from other “competitors”? And yes, other servers are your competitors/opponents!

FiveM: Unique mods are the key

Unique FiveM mods will enrich your server. Whether you’re offering new maps (like a new police station) or a new job script, it’s all possible. Make sure you provide your players with new content, it will bring fresh air to your island.

There are many ways, including some free ones, and you can expand your FiveM server.

Communication is extremely important

Whether you’re chatting with your team or your players, flawless communication is always super important. Speak, speak, speak! Tell people about your vision, what you have in mind. Show what you can. Do it. It’s unfamiliar at first, but you’ll notice that you keep people more involved in the project when you’re behind it yourself.

And: This applies to every language! Whether it’s English, German or Spanish – attitude is important and will always be rewarded with lasting players.

For example: Many import vehicles for GTA Server

For example, if you run a GTA RP server, you can offer some new import vehicles. For example, look at some in our shop, you can easily use them. Just download and add.

The more the better! But if, for example, you want a server that is more stable than all the others, only include those that really add value to you. For example, if the players don’t like a Volvo at all, don’t bring it into the game. Speak to the crowd.

Anyone running a server faces challenges

You always think it’s all just a game. Yes, that’s true – it should also be great fun for the people. But the work behind it is not – but pure seriousness. Nevertheless, show that you enjoy your work and do everything with passion. The rest comes almost by itself.

And only those who constantly work on themselves can win and win new players in the long term – and keep them!

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