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How to Become an Admin on FiveM Servers

Hi people of FiveM! 😊

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of becoming an admin on FiveM servers, covering three of the most popular frameworks: ESX, qbCore, and vRP. Admins play a crucial role in server management, with the power to control in-game aspects, enforce rules, and support players.

Please note that you must have permission from the server owner or someone with the required permissions to add you as an admin. Unauthorized attempts to gain admin access can lead to a ban or other penalties.

By following these steps for your respective framework (ESX, qbCore, or vRP), you can become an admin on a FiveM server. As an admin, you will have the responsibility to manage and maintain a fair and enjoyable environment for players. Always ensure that you have proper permissions before attempting to modify server settings.

Admin Command List

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