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How To: FiveM EUP Add-On Clothes

FiveM offers with its Patreon license the possibilities to install so called Add-On clothes (FiveM EUP). Thereby there is even the option to even design your own clothes (like shirts) and add them to the RP server. For example, you can wear real brands that don’t actually exist in GTA – such as Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Vans, Puma, etc!

To be able to add FiveM EUP clothes, you need a Patreon license first. You can get it here:

Requirements for FiveM EUP

  • a FiveM server with 1 Element Club Argentum License
  • a clothing resource (EUP)

How to install

  1. Download any clothing package for FiveM. You can find them on the internet (also in the FiveM forum). If you don’t have one yet, we have put one together for you here.
  2. The resource has to be copied into your server “resources” folder. Just drag the folder into it.
  3. Open the server.cfg of your server and insert at any place: start ressourcename

If the clothes are not being displayed, make sure that the CFX license is activated. Because only with a valid Patreon license, which we have already mentioned above, you can use the feature “FiveM EUP Custom clothing”.

Download EUP

There are multiple sources where you can download EUP packs for FiveM. We recommend our stores because we tested all items to ensure quality and function.

Money back guarantee

Our 100% money-back-guarantee will ensure that you are satisfied. If the mod you’ve purchased isn’t entirely compatible with your server, we will refund your money.
Read more about our money back guarantee here

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