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How to fix ESX Weight Inventory System

Hi guys. You’ve probably heard about the technical issue affecting the ESX Weight Inventory.
Today we show you how you can get the problem under control and quickly use your inventory again.

The cause (why it is happening)

So, to put it simply: ESX had an update! There used to be item limits, now there are weights. And of course that causes a lot of problems… Sometimes items can no longer be picked up – or item dropping does not work as intended. This error often occurs:

attempt to call a nil value (field 'canCarryItem')

But that’s no reason to worry now!

How to fix

  1. Download the newest ESX version from our page
  2. Use the latest esx-inventoryhud
  3. Restart your server and the problem is gone

(Optional) You can also our Inventory System

We also offer several inventory systems that have this problem fixed. Check them out right here.

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