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How To Hide FiveM server IP address

Each server has its own IP address. But what are the reasons for hiding them?

FiveM has a built-in privacy protection tool, which you can enable, if you are owning a server.
What it does: Hiding player names from the server list AND it hides your IP address!

Reasons to hide the IP

  • Security reasons (prevent attacks, floods etc)
    … Your competitors or banned players will try to destroy your server, if your IP is public!
  • Simplicity reasons (players won’t remember the IP address anyway).
    … And your players will join via server name (or join code)

How to do it

FiveM has built in a new feature that helps you to disguise or hide your IP address. And this is how you turn on this feature:

  1. Open your server.cfg
  2. Add line: sv_endpointPrivacy true
  3. Restart your server

This will make your server invisible for strangers. Also, people cannot see the player names:

FiveM Player list without names
Here you can see the players are staying anonymous!

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