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How to install a FiveM Map on Your Server

This is a tutorial about how to install FiveM maps (MLO)

Video Tutorial

Thanks to Games & Graphics for the video.

Installing FiveM mods is not a very difficult thing. The installation of our maps offered on is fast and works without any issues at all. We will show you how to add new MLO and YMaps to your server. This tutorial can be used for every FiveM map.

Step 1: Find and download your FiveM map

At first, download the map you’d like to install. After that, open the archive:

image 6

As you can see on the screenshot, there is a folder in the package. This is your FiveM map you’ve just downloaded.

Step 2: Drag & drop the folder to your “resources”

To install a FiveM map, navigate to your server directory and open the resources folder. Inside, you will find all currently installed resources. Drag and drop the map’s script file (in this example, the folder named “eclipse_cad”) into this folder. This will add the map to your server’s resources, making it available for use.

image 7

All mods and other fivem maps are located here

Step 3: Editing server.cfg

When you’re done, open your server.cfg file and add

start mapname

to your server.cfg.

And you’re done. Wasn’t that hard, right?

All maps on are tested

All FiveM MLO and maps are fully tested for you and verified by our staff, and if they are not compatible to your server, we will help you adjusting or refund the maps that don’t work.

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