The idea behind our platform

Our idea was simple: To create a marketplace for scripts, tools and programs for FiveM. We want to offer “one platform” that has it all – no need to look further and google for more scripts!

Our intentions – This is what ESX Scripts is:

  • Find everything for FiveM in ONE place!
  • Get the BEST support you can imagine
  • GOOD and FAST order
  • Exclusive news and updates
  • Everything is tested!
  • Guarantee!

Looking for new inspirations and ideas can actually be quite difficult for gamers. Researching, testing and adjusting can be really hard and time-wasting for players. With our store, there is no need to worry about this.

We know it can be frustrating buying something and expecting it to work – but then it doesn’t. On ESX-Scripts you won’t find that, since everything that was put to our store is fully tested and only gets accepted if it works.

Creating a server. Easily.

Creating a roleplay server is a long and hard process. You need content, streamers, players. You also need to think about your marketing. How will you get big?

It all starts with good content. Good scripts and maps. If you have those, your players will be happy and you just need to make ads or ask people to join your server. Once they see everything looks perfect, they will get more friends to join and make your FiveM server slots full.

FAQ about ESX-Scripts

When I buy something, when can I download?

You can instantly download everything you buy.

Will I get updates?

Yes. Once a creator updates the script/map, you will receive a notification and you’ll be able to download it.

What if something doesn’t work?

Contact us and request support or a refund.

When was ESX-Scripts founded?

End of 2019

Who is behind this site?

We are a couple of people running the marketplace and various vendors that sell their scripts and maps here!

As vendor: Choose the right shop for selling your items

There are multiple other sites to sell scripts, like Tebex. But we do not recommend to sell on Tebex since the fees are too high and every Tebex store has an own URL, which is quite frustrating for people to find and look for new program codes for their FiveM servers.

Sell on our centralized marketplace on ESX Scripts and get your sales pushed by a LOT!

Your advantages to sell on ESX-Scripts:

  • Direct contact to your customers
  • Big audience on our store (traffic++)
  • Best platform, instant delivery
  • Most payment options are available
  • Support Ticket center

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