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Welcome to Insane City!

Insane RP the name says it all!
A new city with lots of fun possibilities, a city where every player is appreciated.

What kind of citizen will you become?

?️‍♂️ Criminal – Step into the underworld where you will face drugs, robbery & gangster
?‍♂️ Police Officer- Get in your police car and fight with order & safety
?‍⚕️ Ambulance Brother/Sister – Save Lives and Ensure Healthy City Life
?‍? ANWB mechanic – Repair vehicles in the garage or on location
?️ Cardealer – Sell vehicles and give people a smile
?‍? Hard worker – Work for a company and choose a nice salary & freedom
? Lawyer – Be ready for your clients and defend where necessary
?‍⚖️ Judge – The last word in conflicts, violations and crime

Are you ready to become a resident of Insane RP or have you become curious?

Then take a look at discord:

General rules

  • You must have a working microphone.
  • You must be able to understand and speak Dutch, as we are a NL-based server.
  • You must have access to discord. This is mainly what we use to communicate, whether it’s support, applications, server events, etc.
  • You must respect each other inside and outside of RP. Denigrating comments directed at others regarding race, gender, religion, disability, misogynistic behavior or sexual preference will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in consequences.
  • If an issue needs to be resolved, always use the chain of command when contacting the staff team via /report in-game or a ticket on discord. Talk to a staff first before talking to administrator(s).
  • Staff and Administrator(s) may not be contacted via private message on discord or other means of communication, due to privacy concerns.
  • Advertising, including links in steam names, is not allowed. However, promoting in the appropriate channels in discord is allowed (#Live).
  • Steam or discord names considered offensive will receive a warning/kick. Provide appropriate names. If you continue to participate after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, there will be consequences.
  • If you witness someone breaking the rules, the best way is to contact a staff member in case of disagreement. Please report your in-game name, what happened, and video evidence if possible, without video evidence your report may not be considered.

For all rules, go to the Discord

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