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My server is losing players – What can I do?

FiveM has existed for years (and the best years are already behind it…) – which is why many servers are constantly losing player numbers. It is therefore advisable to do things and take measures so that fewer players leave your own FiveM server and remain loyal to the community!

Do you have a slight stomach ache because the players are running away from you? Then this little help might be something for you.

Actions you can take to retain players on your server

There are a number of measures that make it easier for you to keep your FiveM server running. Here we give you the best and most important tips that you can implement so that you can continue to provide your loyal players with gaming fun.

1. Bring new content to your server

We are aware that FiveM is going down the drain and there are almost no new maps or scripts. But with our site, ESX Scripts, it’s almost impossible to miss the latest content for your player base. You can get new mods here on our site, or on sites like GTA5Mods or in the FiveM Forum, to give your players at least halfway new tools. Because be aware: Boredom is death for every server. If it gets too boring at some point, most players leave the server.

For example, you can exchange existing maps (like a police station) and thus bring new wind to the server. Just try it and see the reactions.

2. Ask your community what they want more often

Everyone is different – we know that. However, it is advisable to exchange ideas with your community. Was an event particularly cool? Do the players perhaps wish for new imported vehicles in the car dealership? Just ask her directly. Make a discord call or announcement with a question form and vote. Depending on how they answer, you should then adjust the future of your server.

?An idea here would be to have some kind of community meeting. To do this, invite your community to speak and share on a specific day (preferably a weekend, when most people have time). Take criticism and requests from your community seriously and definitely respond to them.

3. It’s the little things that make the difference

Add a new loading screen. Yes, that sounds banal and unnecessary at first, but it’s still really important to change small things from time to time. Even if many complain, those who do will quickly adapt to the changes. Do a lot of little things differently than others and just change things. You dare.

4. Make your server something special

It is the experiences, feelings and thoughts that make your players think about your server in the future. For example, just make your players laugh – you can do that by organizing a comedy evening, for example. Or start an exciting new gang war. In any case, create new courage!

Offer value to your players because there are so many other servers that are good too. Think about the things that make your server (and your project) unique. Plan, execute and see your players’ reactions.


There are so many things you can change as a server owner. The most important things at a glance:

  • Dare to change things
  • Speak up skillfully. In your team or with your community.
  • Bring new things like scripts or maps to the server!
  • The little things are the most important!
  • Make your server something very special.

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