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NextGen RP

Next Generation Roleplay: The New Community Server

Words of the server team

First off, thank you so much for considering our server as your new home for roleplay! It’s been a dream of mine, since SA:MP, to have a community that Roleplays well and is overall a pleasure to just have fun with a few simple rules; not the dictionary that most servers have. If you’re leaving right after joining, please tell us why! We want to grow and serve everyone well and if you see some change you would like to see please let us know.
About Us:
Established in October 2021 and rebuilt in April 2022, NGRP is a community-oriented server that welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of a community – not just another cog in the war machine. Werther you’re looking to uphold the law and save the innocent, traffic drugs or extort business owners, and/or live a humble life like “Free Guy” – there’s a little bit of everything you can enjoy on our server!

We explain the difference between NGRP and other servers:

• No weird application or priority access fees to join the server (like Nopixel has) – we welcome everyone!
• We pay and support script/mods creator, and we have zero tolerance for leakers!
• Custom MLOs for public safety centers, player owned businesses, and community centers
• Sensible scripts and mods to enhance the server/community experience
• Helpful and friendly staff that enjoys getting to know their members
• Humble Perks for those who chose to support towards the server’s upkeep

What NGRP has to offer:

Law Enforcement and Fire Department
• Custom Uniforms and Vehicles
• Custom MLO Interiors
• Advanced weapons, tools, and gear
• Promotional Opportunities

Gangs and Criminals world

• Custom MLO interior for houses, stash houses, and businesses
• Advanced tools and gear
• Many opportunities to make money such as Heists, Robberies, and Turf Wars
• Gang creator by application only!

Civilian and Non-Criminals factions

• Custom MLO community centers (Businesses, Clubs, Resorts)
• Generous Real Estate Market with personal home customizations
• Business Ownership Opportunities
• Decent Paying Jobs: Trucker, Mechanic, Tow Trucker, Hunting/Fishing, Lawyer, Realtor, and more
• Access to base game and import vehicles, aircrafts, and boat

Advantages for joining NGRP:

• 50K to 100K in server sign-on bonus (depending on community function selected)
• 24/7 Server Access (First Come, First Served)
• Newbies to FiveM are welcomed and embraced
• Weekly Events
• Customization beyond standard GTA online

Join Next-Generation Roleplay today! | Server information

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