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Grand Theft Auto VI: Roleplay mode

Even after eight years, GTA V is one of the most popular games on Twitch. For example, wide-ranging streamers like xQc, MontanaBlack and others play the title from Rockstar Games.

So how likely is it, that Rockstar Games will implement a roleplay mode to GTA VI?
Very likely, we think!

Most asked questions about GTA RP

What is GTA roleplay?

GTA RP (Roleplay) is a multiplayer mod for the PC (FiveM) that can be accessed through a modified game client. There are various roleplay servers available that interested parties can join. Those servers are created by players. However, some of the servers are quite exclusive and players have to register beforehand via a website, for example. It can then take several weeks before the digital gates are opened. Of course, there are also open servers without a waiting list.

But what to do once you have joined a FiveM server? Then you create a character with a suitable background story and play one of the NPCs in GTA V. Players can attend jobs and play as cops! There are no limits to the imagination, as long as the character fits into the universe. In the course of the game, the story, characteristics of the character and relationships with other players will be developed more and more.

Will GTA:VI feature a “roleplay gamemode”?

We are 99% sure that Rockstar Games is influenced by the hype. So it is likely that they implement roleplay features, or even a whole “roleplay mode” (Story mode in GTA Online). Leakers are also quite sure about the implementation of several new maps in Grand Theft Auto VI, such as Vice City, Liberty City, South America, etc.

The most possible GTA VI leaks (at a glance)

  • One of the main characters is a female. (other character is the brother of the woman)
  • Several maps/areas are in the game, most maps will be added after updates (just like in game Fortnite)
  • GTA VI is announced in October 2022.
  • Areas/maps will change over time (and decisions of the player)
  • Single-player DLCs are likely to come back.
  • Intelligent NPCs (AI)
  • Crypto currency ingame
  • Initial Map size is as big as Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Company’s philosophy has changed over the years, which led to GTA VI humoristic changes.┬á

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