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The best Tebex Alternatives for Selling on FiveM

Searching for an alternative to Look no further! Whatever your reasons, has the solution you need. Our brand offers the perfect platform for selling your FiveM creations, whether they’re scripts, maps, or mods coded in C#, LUA, or JS. Join our FiveM marketplace now and kickstart your journey to selling FiveM resources today!

Our #1 Alternative:

Website Screenshot is the best FiveM Tebex alternative for sellers and buyers

FiveM-mods is a marketplace for the game ÔÇśFiveM’, which is a modification software for Grand Theft Auto V (a game which is older than 7 years already). We offer a platform to distribute and advertise for own-created programs/digital products, called ÔÇśscripts’ or ÔÇśmaps’. These downloads are extensions for game servers.

Offer your customers the best and start selling your scripts and maps today!
here are many reasons to use our platform, as we will show you now.

Offerings on

Our platform accommodates a range of saleable items for FiveM developers, as outlined below:

  • Scripts (compatible with ESX, QBUS, or as Standalone)
  • MLO-kaarten
  • Ymap files
  • Standalone scripts
  • Vehicles (including models, liveries, designs, wheels, etc.)
  • Anticheat systems
  • Comprehensive servers (QB/ESX/Custom Frameworks)

In adherence to our commitment to excellence, we expect our vendors to provide top-notch customer support, without employing encryptions.

Advantages of Choosing as Your Tebex Alternative

Unlock an Array of Benefits

When you opt for our marketplace as an alternative to Tebex, a world of advantages opens up before you. Here’s a sneak peek: we specialize in elevating online sales, particularly tailored for the FiveM community.

Endorsement by Renowned Brands

Our reputation precedes us. Chances are, you’re already familiar with our name. Esteemed and widely recognized servers repose their trust in our marketplace. Our brand embodies the spirit of “elevating server experiences” coupled with unwavering support. We’ve engaged with numerous satisfied customers who vouch for our exceptional services. By aligning with our brand, you’ll not only gain credibility but also witness an uptick in sales.

Minimal Fees, Maximum Gains

At, our fee structure outshines that of Tebex. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses. With a mere 15% commission on our platform, you’ll enjoy access to a substantial customer base.

Seamless User Interface

Navigating our platform and managing your products is a breeze. Effortlessly introduce new offerings and promptly update them directly from your dashboard. No coding skills required! We’ve designed an intuitive interface that ensures effortless management.

Revolutionize Support Management

Bid farewell to the era of Discord-based customer communication. Empower your patrons to reach out to you via our support messaging system. As a vendor, you’ll efficiently address queries by logging into your dashboard. Forge solutions collaboratively with your customers, eliminating the need to involve the ESX-Scripts support team.

Empower Your Sales Trajectory

Elevate your sales strategy with our dedicated support. Your concerns are our priority. Just as you tend to your customer base, we’re here to assist you. From inquiries regarding payouts to refund-related queries, count on us for unwavering assistance and collaboration.

Optimal Conversion Rates

Our checkout process is designed to optimize conversions. Leverage discounts and exclusive offers for your customers, enhancing your sales potential. Customizable coupons are at your disposal through our platform. The time to bolster your revenue is now. Don’t hesitateÔÇötake action!

Harness the Power of Affiliate Marketing

Stay tuned for our forthcoming affiliate marketing distribution model. Buyers will have the opportunity to advocate for your products and earn a percentage of salesÔÇöa groundbreaking approach that awaits you.

Embark on Your Journey: Register as a Vendor Today

Are you a creator of maps or scripts? Are you eager to seamlessly sell your offerings without encumbrances? Look no further. is your definitive platform. Waste no time; register now to showcase your mods and resources tailored for the FiveM community.

Seize the Opportunity: Become a Vendor today!

Other Tebex Alternatives

There are also multiple other ways to sell or distribute your products, of course. We can tell you some ways here, to give you some help/ideas on how to say goodbye to Tebex and search for an alternative, if you dont want to work with us! (link) offers eCommerce and payments integration offers eCommerce and payments integration

The platform offers direct payment integrations and eCommerce stores.

For eCommerce and payment

The pricing is 2-packaged: 19.99$/month for the Starter package and 59.99$/month for the Plus package. The Plus package features 10 extra winkelen members, custom domain, product delivery openings, live analytics, custom pages and export orders/products.

Also, they offer unlimited resources, webhooks, coupons and blacklists for any of your shops.

Shopify (link)



Price packages of Shopify

Creaate your own store with Shopify. With this platform you can create own web shops but you also have to manage every single aspect of the site. It’s amazing that Shopify offers a webhosting included and you do not need to host your own winkelen on your own server. You just simply go right away and set up a shop directly.

The pricing

Shopify offers 3 pricing models (including a 14-day trial): Basic 29$, Shopify 79$, Advanced 299$. (all per month)

There are no setup fees and you can use your own domain name to use on your shop at any time. So don’t worry about branding. But think about a good name.

Sellfy (link)

Sellfy says they offer a solution to get up a store and running in 5 minutes. However, we would suggest taking more time to set up your products and adding pictures, videos, etc. to it. But this is also one alternative you can use to create a little store for your products. Sellfy has a free package for 10 products. They offer solutions from 19$ a month to up to 99$ a month. They also offer a free trial. Check out their pricings on their page.

Another special tip from us

Choose the right partner as Tebex alternative, that has knowledge in the business. For FiveM, we can offer that. Also make sure to pay the right taxes and always update your products for your customers. Also, we ask our vendors to respect intellectual property and only upload products that are non-copyright. Vendors are not allowed to upload mods that they didn’t create.


Whatever you’re looking for: It’s important to choose a good partner to start with, if you want to boost your FiveM sales. If you are looking for the best Tebex alternative for FiveM customers, is the best choice for you. We have high traffic and many customers looking for new FiveM downloads – why not yours? Try it today and get a boost on sales.

Whenever you need help, let us know. Start selling digital goods / downloads for FiveM today.

100% Premium kwaliteit

Ervaar het toppunt van gaming met onze code van topkwaliteit. Geverifieerd en lekvrij voor een onge├źvenaarde spelervaring.


Winkel met vertrouwen - onze FiveM scripts worden geleverd met een tevredenheidsgarantie en een probleemloos restitutiebeleid.

Directe toegang

Verbeter je spel onmiddellijk met onze direct beschikbare FiveM mods. Geen vertragingen, alleen gameveranderende add-ons.

Gecertificeerd veilig

Verbeter je gameplay met 100% veilig te gebruiken bronnen. Streng getest en geverifieerd voor jouw gemoedsrust.


30 %


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