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NoPixel application – how to apply for NoPixel RP Server

Need help on your Nopixel application? Today we will show you how to apply for NoPixel roleplay server and answer your commonly-asked questions. You are looking for a way to apply? No worries, we give you the tips.

The best way to apply for the server is to do that directly over their website/page, but we do recommend to not join this server because it is popular for bad roleplay.

What is Nopixel 3.0?

NoPixel is a famous FiveM roleplay server that focuses on big streamers. For that, the server charges a specific amount of money of its users. A Nopixel application is made via their forums, and we explain you how.

How to apply for Nopixel server on FiveM

  1. Find a server you want to join. In this case you want to join Nopixel, we guess.
  2. Open their forum or website and join their Discord server.
  3. Important: Read the rules of the roleplay server and don’t rush them! Take your time by reading and understanding.
  4. Think about a character. Make it special for your gameplay.

We do not recommend to apply on Nopixel, but if you want to do so, you need to pay a fee and then you are allowed to send an application form.

Top 3 reasons you should NOT write a Nopixel application

First reason (and most important): The money-scam

Koil, the owner of NoPixel, scams for money since the only way you can join the server is by giving him money. He even got banned by PayPal and first he even denied it. He lied on stream about donations/entry fees and earned a lot of money with it, since he paid streamers to play on his server.

As Koil is posting pictures of his brand new cars and hot tubs, the illusioned Twitch gamer is padding his Paypal account with more donations. When you look at how many terrible role players are on the server compared to the actual good ones you might begin to see the pattern. Comparing hosting costs with other providers that offer “Insane DDOS Protection” as Koil would say, with server specs ridiculously higher than what would be needed to run this game server for roughly $200-$400 a month; Foil, his chick, and his band of simps are liars. Plain and simple.


Read more about the Nopixel server on this page

Second reason: The poor roleplay quality

Nopixel seems really entertaining – but: The quality of the server (and its roleplay) could be much better. When it was hyped back in 2017-18, the quality of the roleplay was quite well. But today the quality of the server tremendously shrinked.
The quality of the roleplay is not the best

Third reason: The owner himself does Power RP and breaks his own rules

The owner, koil, wants to control every situation and plays Francis, a small little boy, on the server, abusing ingame-drugs and shooting cops randomly. This is not really cool for other players and they even complain about it. We do not recommend to write a Nopixel application.

Power-Roleplay (also Power-RP) is a term from the role-playing field. This term describes a mostly disliked gambling behavior. It is typical for this way of playing that a player defines not only his action but also the effect and reaction of other players or non-player characters. The difference to power gaming is that in this case it is not about making your own character as strong as possible by using loopholes, but rather determining the course of the game by determining the reactions of the other characters by the player. It is not power roleplay for the GM to make decisions that determine the behavior of the player characters. In games like World of Warcraft, power roleplay is also referred to as power-emoting or god-emoting, since the actions of the characters there are referred to as emotes. (Source: Wiki)

Koil (owner of the server) is breaking his own rules, according to famous streamers that played on the server. Source:

Questions about NoPixel server

Why does everyone talk about Nopixel?

Nopixel is one of the most famous servers, because famous streamers are getting paid to play on the server to advertise the server to the communities. The quality of the roleplay itself is not the best – it’s quite bad to be honest.

Why did Nopixel get banned from PayPal?

Hard question! Rumors say that Nopixel is getting sued by Rockstar Games / Take Two, even though the owner “koil” says contrary, that “he had contact to Rockstar Games and they did not have something to do with it”. However, koil can’t prove this.

How is the quality of RP on Nopixel server?

Maybe a 2/10. Most players drive cars, hitting trees, so there is a lot of Fail RP going on. We do not like that and think that the quality of roleplay on Nopixel is really, really bad.

Who is the Nopixel owner?

The owner of Nopixel is called Koil (real name is not Francis, its Mitchell-James) and is from Australia.

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