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Nopixel is one of the biggest and best FiveM servers out there. Many great roleplayers and streamers are playing on this server. The third version, Nopixel v3, is starting soon.

The difference: Nopixel uses its own framework

Many servers are built on ESX, a free framework with many scripts, to build a roleplay server with. Nopixel uses its own framework and is completely standalone. It is coded by koil, a streamer on Twitch.

Our shop offers a lot of scripts inspired by Nopixel. We also have scripts from Nopixel converted to ESX! There are scripts like:

… and we even have a Nopixel server base, that is completely built on ESX.

ESX is the biggest open-source framework for FiveM. Many people are using this framework to build a server with hundreds and thousands of players. There are many free resources for ESX on the FiveM releases – it’s definitely worth to take a look. If you need premium scripts, check out our shop!

The success of Nopixel

Many people know Nopixel because of its Twitch audience. Many big streamers like summit1g or UberHaxorNova play on this server – and stream it live. Due to the huge amounts of views Nopixel gets a lot of attention.

Roleplaying on Twitch

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that is really old. It has been announced in 2011 and released in 2013. Due to the Twitch views, the game itself has a new second rise and gets a lot of attention. Rockstar should be thankful for the free advertising from Twitch streamer.

Roleplaying on GTA offers a lot of possibility in terms of content. Do jobs, talk in rounds and meet new friends, do bankrobs etc. It gives people possibilities to be entertained and this is a new way of gaming.

Building own servers

With our premium scripts it’s easy to build a quality server. All our scripts are bug-free and 100% verified top quality. We offer a lot of Nopixel-inspired scripts and are happy to give them to you! Check them out and feel free to buy!

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